Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 44:14-23

Book 10: Forty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 44: Verses 14-23

What austerities did the cowherd women (of Vraja) perform, by virtue of which they imbibe with (the cup of) their eyes (the beauty) of His bewitching form-the (very) essence of elegance-which is not only unsurpassed but unequalled (too), is not embellished by anything external, is eternally new and hard to attain and which is the unfailing abode of renown, splendour and divine glory ? Blessed are the women of Vraja, who celebrate Him in song while milking their cows, pounding the corn, churning their curds, plastering their floor (with cowdung etc.), rocking the cradles, lulling their crying babes, sprinkling and sweeping their houses and attending to other such duties with a mind full of love and their throat choked with tears, (nay, all) whose movements are inspired by the thought of Sri Krsna (who is no other than Lord Visnu, who took wide strides while measuring the three worlds during His descent as the divine Dwarf ). Possessed of endless merit are those women who-having heard His music (even) as He sallies forth from Vraja in the morning and returns in the evening alongwith the cows playing on the flute-come out hastily on the road and behold His smiling countenance enlivened with kind glances.
" While the women (of Mathura) were thus talking (with one another) in anxious tones as aforesaid, Lord Sri Hari, the Master of Yoga (and therefore able to read others' thoughts), made up His mind to get rid of His opponent (Canura), 0 jewel among the Bharatas Hearing the aforesaid remarks-full of apprehension-of those women, His parents (Vasudeva and Devaki), who were unaware of their Son's strength and (consequently) overwhelmed with anxiety out of affection for Them, were filled with remorse (at their not having asked Akrura to desist from bringing Balarama and Sri Krsna to Mathura). (Even) as Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) and His antagonist (Canura) contended with each other according to the various popular modes of wrestling, in that very manner did Balarama and Mustika struggle with each other. His limbs being shattered by the hits of the Lord's limbs, which were as hard as strokes of lightning, Canura---so the tradition goes-fainted again and again. Springing with the swiftness of a hawk and clenching the fingers of both his hands into fists, the latter, full of anger, struck Lord Sri Krsna (Son of Vasudeva) on the chest. The Lord (however) did not stir (even one inch from His position) under his blow, any more than an elephant would when struck with a garland. (On the other hand) Sri Hari caught hold of Canura by his arms and, whirling him several times, dashed him to the ground, his life having become extinct (even) as a result of his being whirled with vehemence. His ornaments and garlands having fallen off and his locks dishevelled, the wrestler fell like a thunderbolt (the likeness of which is borne as an emblem on the ensign of indra).



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