Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 43:15-26

Book 10: Forty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 43: Verses 15-26

Leaving the dead elephant (where it was), the Lord duly entered the amphitheatre, tusk in hand. Stained with drops of blood as well as with those of ichor and with a tusk resting against one of His shoulders and His lotus-like face bedecked with drops of sweat appearing on it, He looked (most) charming. Surrounded by a few Gopas and with the tusks of the elephant for Their excellent weapons, Baladeva and Sri Krsna (who is solicited by the people) entered the amphitheatre, 0 king ! Present in the amphitheatre by the side of Balarama (His elder brother), the Lord appeared as a thunderbolt to the wrestlers, a jewel among men to the male persons, love incarnate to the ladies (other than the elderly ones), a kinsman to the cowherds (of Vraja), a chastiser to the vile princes, a (mere) child to His parents, death (personified) to Kamsa (the ruler of the Bhojas), as deficient in strength and immature of body to the ignorant, the supreme Reality to the Yogis and the highest Divinity to the Vrsnis. Finding (the elephant) Kuvalayapida killed and also perceiving the two Brothers difficult to conquer, Kamsa, though self-possessed, felt much terrified at that time, 0 protector of men! Decorated in a queer fashion, decked with quaint jewels and garlands and clad in weird garments and captivating the mind of the lookers-on with Their brilliance, the two mighty-armed Brothers shone in the amphitheatre like a pair of actors dressed in an excellent garb. Gazing on the aforesaid foremost Persons, the people of the city as well as of the country, who were seated on the galleries, 0 protector of men, and whose eyes and faces were blooming with an outburst of ecstatic joy, drank in the beauty of Their countenance with (the cup of) their eyes, but did not feel sated.
They seemed to drink off (the beauty of) the two Brothers with their eyes, to lick Them with their tongue, to inhale Them with their nostrils and to clasp Them with their arms. As though put in mind of Their story by (the sight of) Their comeliness of form, excellences, loving disposition and intrepidity, the onlookers spoke to one another (as follows) in the light of whatever they had actually seen and whatever they had heard (of the two Brothers):---"Actually descended through a part of Lord Sri Hari Himself, who has His abode in water (in the form of Narayana), these two Brothers have appeared on this earth in the house of Vasudeva. This (younger) One (Sri Krsna) was, it is understood, born as a matter of fact of Devaki and taken to Gokula (for fear of being killed by Kamsa). Dwelling all this time incognito he grew up (to this age) at the residence of Nanda, By Him was put to an end Putana as well as the demon (Trnavarta,) who appeared in the form of a whirlwind, the demigod (Sankhacuda), the demons Kesi (who came in the form of a horse) and Dhenuka[1] (who lived in the guise of a donkey) and others of that class, and the two Arjuna trees uprooted. By this Boy were the cows along with their keepers rescued from a forest fire, the snake Kaliya subdued and Indra (the ruler of the gods)



  1. Although the demons Vatsa and Baka were slain by Sri Krsna and Dhenuka by Bala, the people of Mathura were evidently misinformed that the former two had been kilted by Bala and the last-named by Sri Krsna.

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