Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 41:26-35

Book 10: Forty-one Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 41: Verses 26-35

Full of joy some, who were taking their meal, went away leaving it; others,who were being smeared with oil, came away without taking their bath. Some, who were lying asleep, sprang on their feet as soon as they heard the noise (of the spectators at Their arrival); while mothers, who were fondly suckling their babe, sallied forth leaving the child (crying). Possessed of the gait of a lordly elephant in rut, Sri Krsna (of lotus-like eyes) captivated their mind by His smiles and glances full of charming sport, providing a feast to their eyes by (the sight of) His (divine) personality, the delight of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity). Beholding Him, who had already been heard of (by them) many a time (before), and feeling honoured by being sprinkled with the nectar of His penetrating glances and unreserved smiles, the women of Mathura, whose mind had already taken wings after Him, (mentally) embraced that Embodiment of Bliss-now that He had been ushered into their mind through (the gateway of) their eyes-thrilling all over (with joy), and shed their agony (of separation from Him), which knew no bounds, O queller of your foes (in the shape of lust and so on)! Standing on the top of mansions, their lotus-like faces blooming with delight, the women covered Bala and Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva) with showers of flowers (which embodied as it were their affectionate feelings towards the two Brothers).
At every step overjoyed Brahmanas worshipped the two Brothers with curds and unbroken grains of rice (with which they adorned Their foreheads as a mark of auspiciousness), garlands and perfumes (of various kinds), offerings (in the shape of sweets, fruits etc.) as well as with vessels full of water (for washing Their hands and feet with). The women of the city said (to one another), "Oh, what great austerities did the cowherd women (of Vraja) perform, by virtue of which they actually behold without interruption the two Brothers who afford great delight to the human world ?" Seeing a certain washerman, who was (also) a dyer (of clothes), coming (that way), Sri Krsna (the elder Brother of Gada[1] ) asked of him the very best and well-washed clothes (in the following words)- "(Please) give Us both-who deserve the gift (from you)-eminently suitable clothes, 0 dear one! The highest blessing will be yours if you make the gift: there is no doubt about it."Solicited (thus) by the Lord, who was most perfect in everyway, that extremely arrogant servant of Kamsa (the king of Mathura), angrily and tauntingly replied (as follows):- "Do you always wear such (excellent) clothes alone, roaming as you do on the mountain and in the woods, that, transcending all bounds of propriety, you dare seek to have royal goods?



  1. The foremost of Sri Krsna's half-brothers (next to Balarama), who was born of Devaraksita- one of the thirteen wives of Vasudeva and a sister of Devaki-who gave birth to nine sons, the eldest of whom was Gada. (Vide IX. xxiv 52)

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