Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 41:16-25

Book 10: Forty-one Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 41: Verses 16-25

(My) salutation be to You, 0 Lord of the universe, adored (even) by the gods, the hearing and recital of whose praises brings (supreme) merit, 0 jewel among the Yadus, 0 Narayana of excellent renown ! The glorious Lord said : Accompanied by My elder brother, I shall visit your house (only) when I have slain Kamsa (the enemy of Yadu's race), and bring delight to My (other) relations (as well). Sri Suka continued : Thus spoken to by the Lord, the aforesaid Akrura entered the city like one sad at heart and, having apprised Kamsa of what he had done, returned home. Accompanied by Sankarsana (Balarama) and surrounded by the (other) cowherds, Lord Sri Krsna, who was eager to have a look at the city, fearlessly entered Mathura the next afternoon. (Presently) He saw the city with high gateways (in its fortification wall) and portals (of its houses), made of crystal and fitted with huge doors of gold and embellished with ornamental arches-also of gold-over them. It had granaries etc., of copper and brass, had been rendered difficult of access by a moat and was adorned with gardens and delightful parks. It was (further) graced with sheds of gold erected on the cross roads, mansions and rest-houses also of gold, halls for the meeting together of individuals following a particular trade and other (public) buildings, and was resonant with the noise of pigeons and peacocks perched on small wooden sheds erected in front of houses, platforms under them air-holes and pavements, (all) inlaid with cat's-eyes, diamonds, crystals, sapphires, corals, pearls and emeralds.
Its roads, market-places, streets and quadrangles were profusely sprinkled with water and it was strewn with flowers, sprouts (of barley), parched paddy and rice-grains. The entrances of its houses were artistically adorned (on both sides) with a pitcher full of water and sprinkled with curds and sandal-paste, (nay,) surrounded with rows of flowers and crowned with rows of lights, with (bunches of) leaves thrust into their mouth and strips of silk tied round their necks and with (trunks of) plantain, and areca-nut trees alongwith bunches of fruits fixed beside them and (festive) flags hoisted near them. Eager to have a look at the two Sons of Vasudeva- who had duly entered the city by the main road and were surrounded by Their companions-the women of the city hurriedly came together (at every stage) and climbed up the mansions (lining the road), 0 protector of men ! Some ran with their garments and jewels wrongly placed, while others came out forgetting one of the ornaments worn in pairs. Some left with ornaments (only) on one ear and with anklet only on one ankle, while others painted only one of their eyes (with collyrium), omitting (in their hurry) to paint the other.



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