Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 40:13-24

Book 10: Fortieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 40: Verses 13-24

Fire has been conceived (by Your worshippers for the purpose of meditation) to be Your mouth, the earth as Your feet, the sun as Your eye, the sky as Your navel, and the quarters as Your ears, the highest heaven (the abode of Brahma) as the top part of Your head, the chiefs of gods (Indra and others) as Your arms, the oceans as Your abdomen and the air as Your life-breath and strength. Trees and annual plants are looked upon as the hair on Your body, clouds as Your locks, the mountains as the bones and nails of Your transcendent Self, day and night as the twinkling of Your eyes, Brahma (the lord of creation) as Your membrum virile and rainfall as Your semen. Conceived in You, the perfect and imperishable person, who can (only) be hinted at by the mind, the (numberless) universes-teeming with innumerable Jivas (embodied beings)-with their guardians move about like the eggs of tiny aquatic creatures in water or even like the (tiny) insects in (the interior of) an Udumbara fruit. With their grief dispelled by the thought of the several forms You assume (from time to time) for the sake of sport, people sing Your glory with delight. Hail to You, who appeared as the divine Fish from a definite motive and roamed through the ocean that deluged the world at the time of universal dissolution. Salutation to You, the Slayer of (the demons) Madhu and Kaitabha in the person of Hayagriva (the Lord manifested with the head and neck of a horse). Hail to You as the gigantic Tortoise that supported Mount Mandara (on His back). Salutation to You in the form of the divine Boar that sported (in the ocean) for lifting up the earth. Hail to You in the form of a weird lion (half man and half lion), 0 Dispeller of the fears of the righteous! Salutation to You, again, as the divine Dwarf, who covered (all) the three worlds in one stride.
Hail to You in the form of Parasurama (the Lord of the Bhrgus), who cut down the forest of haughty Ksatriyas !Salutation to You as Sri Rama (the Chief of the Raghus), who put an end to Ravana ! Hail, hail to You, manifested in the (four divine) forms of Vasudeva (Sri Krsna), Sahkarsana (Balarama), Pradyumna[1] (Sri Krsna's Son) and Aniruddha (Pradyumna's Son) ! Salutation to You, the Protector of the Satvatas. Hail to You as Lord Buddha, who was (altogether) faultless (though His gospel ran counter to the teachings of the Vedas) and who deluded the Daityas and the Danavas (by preaching an anti-Vedic doctrine) Salutation to You in the form of Lord Kalki, (who is going to appear towards the end of Kaliyuga as) the Destroyer of Ksatriyas, who will have well-nigh been reduced to the position of Mlecchas ![2] O Lord, infatuated by Your Maya (deluding potency) and (consequently) clinging to the body and those connected with it (which are all devoid of reality) as the very self and as one's own (respectively), this (entire) world of living beings is made to revolve in the maze of Karma. I too revolve in the domain of the body, offspring, homestead, wife, wealth, relations and so on-which are all (false) like a dream-thinking them to be real, a fool that I am, 0 almighty Lord !



  1. Even though Pradyumna and Aniruddha were not yet born, Akrura refers here to Their eternal forms which are only brought to light during Their descent in the world of matter.
  2. A Mlec.cha has been characterized by Baudhayana, a Hindu law-giver, as follows:- 'He who eats beef and indulges in self-contradictory statements, and is devoid of righteousness and purity of conduct is called a Mleccha."

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