Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 3:37-50

Book 10: Third Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 3: Verses 37-50

Constantly contemplated upon in the heart with reverence and devotion coupled with asceticism, and highly pleased with you both, 0 sinless one, I, the foremost of (all) bestowers of boons, appeared on that occasion in this (very) form with the desire of conferring (on you) the blessings sought by you both. When the words, "Ask any boon of your choice" were uttered (by Me), a son like Me was asked for by you. Having not (yet) tasted the pleasures of sense and not blessed with any issue, you, husband and wife, did not ask (the boon of) final beatitude of Me, infatuated as you were by My Maya. Having secured the desired boon of (getting) a son like Me and having (thus) realized your ambition, you proceeded when I had left, to enjoy the sensuous pleasures. Not finding anyone else in the world alike in amiable disposition, magnanimity and other qualities, I (Myself) was born as your son and became known by the name of Prsnigarbha (son of Prsni). Once more as a son of you both as aforesaid, I was born of Aditi (an incarnation of PrSni) through the sage Kasyapa (an incarnation of Sutapa) and came to be known as Upendra (Indra's younger brother) and (also) as Vamana because of My dwarf-like form.
Indeed in this third incarnation of you both as such, I am again born at this moment in the same (four-armed) form (as was revealed to you before); (for) My word is (always) true, O good lady ! This (four-armed) form has been revealed to you (again) for reminding you of My previous descents; (for) knowledge of My identity is not had otherwise through a mortal sem-blance. (Now of course I will assume the form of a human babe as desired by you). Constantly thinking of Me as a son and (also) as Brahma (the all-pervading Lord), and having bestowed (your) love on Me, you both will attain the highest state of union with Me (in the form of co-residence with Me in My divine Abode). Sri Suka continued : Having thus spoken, Lord Sri Hari, became silent and instantly assumed the form of an ordinary child by His own free will, His parents gazing (with wonder). Thereupon as the aforesaid Vasudeva (the son of Sura, who suddenly found his fetters loosened) felt inclined to step out of the lying in-chamber, taking his son securely (in a winnowing basket covered with soft linen), as urged by the Lord, that (very) moment Yogamaya, who is nick-named Aja (birthless), was born through the wife of Nanda (at Gokula).
Now the gate-keepers having been deprived (for the time being) of all their cognitive faculties and the citizens too having been sent to sleep by Her (Yogamaya), all the gates (of the palace), even though they had been closed by means of huge doors as well as with steel bolts and chains, and were (thus) hard to penetrate, flew open by themselves the moment Vasudeva arrived (near) carrying Lord Sri Krsna (on his head), (even) as darkness would disperse with the appearance of the sun. (At that time) clouds rained with a gentle rumbling; while Sesa followed (at the heels of Vasudeva), warding off the rain by means of his (thousand) hoods (spread as an umbrella over His head). While Indra (the rain-god) was pouring showers frequently (in order to avert the popular gaze and allowing a respite at intervals so as to avoid continued hardship to Vasudeva), the Yamuna river (presided over by a deity of the same name and the younger sister of Yama, the god of retribution), (even though) covered with foam due to waves set up by the force of its deep flood, and studded with hundreds of fearful male-storms, afforded passage (to the divine Sri Krsna) by becoming fordable (even) as the ocean did (of yore) to Lord Sri Rama (the Spouse of Laksmi disguised as Sita).



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