Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 39:31-44

Book 10: Thirty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 39: Verses 31-44

Sri Suka went on : Talking (to one another) in this strain and sore afflicted at the thought of separation, the women of Vraja-whose mind was deeply attached to Sri Krsna-cried loudly, casting all bashfulness to the winds, "0 Protector of cows, 0 Krsna (who was tied at the waist with a string by mother Yasoda), 0 Scion of Madhu !" In spite of the womenfolk (of Vraja) wailing as aforesaid, now that the sun had risen, Akrura-who had (just) finished his (Sandhya) prayers to the sun-god and other devotions-presently drove his chariot (in the direction of Mathura). The Gopas headed by Nanda thereupon closely followed him in their bullock-carts taking (with them) abundant presents including pitchers full of the yield of cows (in the shape of milk, curds and ghee). The cowherd women too followed their beloved Sri Krsna (to a short distance) and delighted (to some extent by His turning round and casting loving glances at them) they paused (awhile) awaiting the Lord's message in reply to theirs (which had evidently been sent by them through some special messenger). Observing them suffering agony as aforesaid at His departure, Sri Krsna (the foremost of the Yadus) comforted them with messages full of love, sent through a messenger, saying "I shall come (back)!" As long as the flag (of Sri Krsna's chariot) was visible and so long as the dust raised by the chariot continued to be seen, the Gopis-who had sent their mind after the Lord-were seen (standing) like so many painted figures. Hopeless of Govinda's return, they (all) retraced their steps and, rid of grief (by His loving assurances) passed their days and nights celebrating in songs the pastimes of their beloved Lord.
(On this side) the Lord, for His part, safely reached (about noon) with Balarama and Akrura, 0 protector of men, (the bank of) the Kalindi, that washes off (all) sin, in His chariot, swift as wind. Washing there His hands and feet etc., and drinking of its sweet water green as an emerald, He went near a cluster of trees (where the chariot was made to stand) and got into the chariot alongwith Balarama. Helping the two Brothers to get into the chariot and taking leave of Them, Akrura returned (for his midday devotions) to the pool (known by the name of Ananta-Tirtha or Brahmahrada) in the Yamuna and performed his ablutions with due ceremony. Plunging in that water and muttering the (holy) Gayatri-Mantra (the essence of the eternal Veda), Akrura beheld (in the water) the same Balarama and Sri Krsna seated together. (He said to Himself), "How can the two Sons of Anakadundubhi, who are seated in the chariot, be here ? In that case (if they are really here), they should not be in the chariot." Saying so he emerged from the water and perceived the two Brothers seated even there (in the chariot) as heretofore. He (therefore) took a plunge again saying (to himself), "Is my having seen Them in the water false?" This time he saw in that very water, being glorified by Siddhas, Caranas, Gandharvas and Asuras with bent heads, the thousand-headed god Sesa (the lord of serpents)-



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