Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 39:23-30

Book 10: Thirty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 39: Verses 23-30

Happy will be the dawn following this night for the ladies of the city (of Mathura); (nay,) their aspirations have been surely realized; (for) they will fondly gaze on the countenance-full of nectarean smiles exhibited by the corners of eyes-of Sri Krsna (the Lord of Vraja), even as He fearlessly enters the city. How, then, will Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) return to us, helpless rustic women-even though He has got other relations (too in Vraja), and although He is self-possessed-when His mind is captivated by the utterances, sweet as honey, of those ladies (of Mathura), and remains deluded by their bashful smiles and amorous glances ? Today surely a grand feast awaits (in Mathura) the eyes of the Dasarhas, the Bhojas, the Andhakas, the Vrsnis and the Satvatas- who will behold Sri Krsna (the Son of Yasoda, nicknamed as Devaki), the Spouse of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) and the (one) Abode of (all) excellences-as well as to the eyes of those that will see Him (driving) on the road (to Mathura). 'Akrura' (one who is not cruel) should not have been the name of such a ruthless fellow who is extremely hard-hearted in that he is going to take Sri Krsna (who is dearer than life) beyond the familiar path, not caring to comfort us (the womenfolk), sore distressed as we are.
Sri Krsna (whose mind is altogether devoid of the moisture of love) is (already) comfortably seated in the chariot and, following Him, these arrogant Gopas in their bullock-carts are urging Akrura to make haste. (On top of it) the aged ones have grown indifferent (do not interfere). And Fate too is working against us today ! Let us politely approach Sri Krsna (a scion of Madhu) and stop Him. What harm can the elders of the race or our relations do to us, who stand deprived by Providence of Sri Krsna's company-which could not be easily forgone even for half a second-and are (so) distressed in mind ? How shall we, 0 cowherd women, be able in fact to get over the anguish of separation--which is so difficult to overcome-without Him in whose company a number of nights were spent by us as an instant in the Rasa assembly enlivened by His winsome smiles, charming whispers, playful glances and embraces, all of which were inspired by His love ? How can we really survive without Him who-while entering Vraja at the close of the day, accompanied by Balarama (who is possessed of infinite strength) and surrounded by cowherd boys and playing on the flute, His curly locks and wreaths of flowers covered all over with the dust raised by the hoofs of the cows--used to captivate our mind with His sidelong glances full of smiles?



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