Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 38:26-38

Book 10: Thirty-eight Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 38: Verses 26-38

His impatience having been immensely heightened by the joy derived from their sight, his hair standing on end through love and his eyes bedimmed with tear-drops, he jumped down from the chariot and rolled on the footprints exclaiming, "Oh ! these are the particles of dust of the Lord's feet !" This much is the end to be attained by those invested with a body, viz., that giving up hypocrisy, fear and worry, they should cultivate through the sight of Sri Hari's images, the hearing of His praises and so on that ecstatic mood which was felt by Akrura from the time he received the mandate (from Kamsa). (Presently) he saw in Vraja Sri Krsna and Balarama with eyes resembling a pair of autumnal lotuses, (severally) wearing yellow and blue garments and present in the yard where cows were milked. They were (mere) lads, dark-brown and fair (in complexion respectively) the abodes of grace, with long arms and a lovely countenance, the foremost- among the charming and having the prowess of young elephants. The two high-souled Brothers were gracing (the soil of) Vraja by Their feet distinguished with the marks of a flag, the thunderbolt, a goad and a lotus and were casting (all round) glances accompanied with smiles full of compassion. Having bathed, they had put on immaculate clothes, were besmeared all over with sandal-paste which emitted a delightful odour and adorned with necklaces of jewels and garlands of sylvan flowers and were engaged in noble and charming pastimes.
They were the two foremost and most ancient Persons, the Causes as well as the Rulers of the universe, descended for the sake of the world in Their all-blissful essence as Balarama and Kesava (Sri Krsna). (Shining) like a rock of emerald and another of silver, covered with gold, the two (divine) Brothers were ridding the quarters of their darkness with Their own effulgence, 0 Pariksit ! Hastily jumping down from the chariot and overwhelmed with affection, the aforesaid Akrura fell prostrate at the feet of Balarama and Sri Krsna. With his eyes blinded by tears of joy brought by the sight of the Lord and his frame covered with bristling hair, he was unable even to introduce himself (by uttering his name) due to his throat being choked (with emotion), 0 protector of men ! Coming to know him (as well as of his intention through inference), the Lord (who is so fond of those who are bent low before Him), drew Akrura towards and near Him with His hand characterized by the mark of a discus and, full of delight, embraced him. The high-minded Sahkarsana (Balarama) too hugged Akrura bowing low (before him) and, clasping his (joined) palms with His own took him to His house in the company of His younger Brother (Sri Krsna). Then, enquiring about his safe arrival and giving him an excellent seat, Balarama washed his feet with due ceremony and fetched (for him) an offering called Madhuparka (consisting of honey, clarified butter and curds).



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