Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 38:18-25

Book 10: Thirty-eight Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 38: Verses 18-25

Even though I have been sent by Kamsa as his messenger, Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord)-who is omniscient and the Knower of all bodies and who witnesses with His unclouded vision the activity of the mind, existing as He does inside as well as outside the latter-will not (I am sure) harbour a feeling of enmity towards me. If He smilingly looks on me-fallen at the soles of His feet with a fully controlled mind and joined palms-with a compassionate eye, I shall forthwith be absolved from all sins and, completely rid of (all) fear (of rebirth etc.), experience supreme bliss. Again, when He folds in His long arms me, his most sincere friend and kinsman exclusively devoted to Him, my body will at once be actually turned into a (veritable) sanctuary and my bonds in the form of Karma will fall off from it. When I have thus enjoyed His (blissful) embrace and stand bowing low (before Him) with joined palms, Sri Krsna (of wide renown) will address me in the words 'Uncle Akrura !' Then (alone) will my birth be fruitful. Fie upon that birth of him who is not accepted as His own by Sri Krsna (the Supreme Lord).
Neither is anyone beloved of Him, much less His dearest friend, nor again is anyone unwelcome, much less hateful or even worthy of being treated with indifference. Nevertheless He loves His devotees (alone) in the same way as they do, just as a wish-yielding tree grants the desire of men (only) when approached (by them). Further His elder Brother (Balarama), the foremost of the Yadus, would smilingly embrace me-bowing low. (before Him)-and conduct me; caught by my joined palms into the house of Kamsa will enquire in detail of me, when I have received all attentions, about the conduct of Kamsa towards His kinsfolk." Sri Suka continued : Thus contemplating on Sri Krsna all the way, Akrura (the son of Swaphalka) arrived in Vraja in the chariot, while the sun reached the western hill (horizon), O protector of men. He beheld in Vraja the footprints of Sri Krsna---the sacred dust of whose feet is borne on their crown by the guardians of all the worlds-which served as the ornaments of the earth and were distinguished by the marks of a lotus, a grain of barley, a goad and so on.



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