Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 37:9-21

Book 10: Thirty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 37: Verses 9-21

Drawing out His arm from its dead body, which resembled a (ripe) cucumber (that had burst open at several places), the mighty-armed Lord, who had killed the enemy without any effort and (therefore) stood unelated, was glorified by the highly amazed gods (lit., the denizens of heaven), who showered flowers (on Him). Approaching Sri Krsna, who was unwearied in action, Narada (the celestial sage), the foremost of the Lord's votaries, 0 protector of men, spoke to Him in secret as follows:- "0 Krsna of incomprehensible character, 0 Enchanter of all, 0 Master of Yoga (possessed of inconceivable powers), 0 Ruler of the universe, 0 Vasudeva (present in all beings), the Abode of all, the foremost of the Yadus, 0 almighty Lord ! You are the one Spirit, indwelling all created beings and remaining concealed like the fire hidden in logs of wood, nay, enshrined inside the intellect, the Witness (of all), the Supreme Person, the almighty Lord. Depending on Your own Self, You evolved the three Gunas at the dawn of creation by Your Maya (creative energy), which is (no other than) Your own Self; and with their help You create, protect and absorb (into Your own Self) this (visible) universe, unfailing of purpose and almighty as You are. As such You have descended (in the world of matter) for the annihilation of demons, goblins and ogres born as kings (lit.,the conservators of the -earth) and for the protection of the virtuous (who are the living standards of morality). Luckily enough by You, has been sportfully slain this demon (Kesi) in the form of a horse, frightened by whose neighs the gods (whose eyelids never fall) evacuated heaven.
The day after tomorrow I shall see Canura and Mustika and other wrestlers as well as the elephant (Kuvalayapida) and Kamsa (himself) slain by You, 0 almighty Lord ! After that I shall witness the death (at Your hands) of the demon Pancajana (living in the form of a conch), the Ionian hero (Kalayavana) and the demon Mura as well as of Naraka and (also) the carrying off (from heaven) of the (celestial) Parijata tree and the discomfiture of Indra (who will try to thwart Your purpose). I shall also behold the espousal (by You) of the daughters of heroes- which will be distinguished by the fact that show of valour will be the (only) price paid by You (for the same) and soon, and shall (further) witness the deliverance of King Nrga at Dwaraka from sin (in the shape of unwittingly giving away a Brahmanas cow as his own, for which he was hurled into the womb of a chameleon), 0 Lord of the universe! I shall also witness the acceptance (by You) of the (brilliant) gem Syamantaka along with Jambavati (for Your wife from the bear chief Jambavan) as well as the restoration to a Brahmana of his deceased son to be brought by You from Your own divine Abode (the realm of Mahakala). I shall (further) witness the destruction (by You) of King Paundraka and later on the setting on fire of the city of Kasi (the modern Varanasi) and (even so) the death (at Your hands) of Dantavaktra and (earlier) of Sisupala (the king of Cedi) in the course of a great sacrifice (viz., the Rajasüya sacrifice to be performed by Emperor Yudhisthira). I shall also witness those feats of valour that You will perform while residing in Dwaraka and which will be celebrated in song by the poets on earth.



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