Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 36:27-38

Book 10: Thirty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 36: Verses 27-38

Having thus commanded his servants, Kamsa (who was well-versed in the methods of achieving his personal ends) summoned Akrüra, the foremost of the Yadus (and a kinsman of Vasudeva), and, clasping his hand with his own, addressed him as follows:- "0 chief of the charitably disposed, let an act of friendship be done to me. None else is more honoured and more friendly (to me) than you in the race of the Bhojas and the Vrsnis. I therefore depend on you, 0 gentle one, as the means of accomplishing a great purpose, (even) as the mighty Indra attained his end (in the form of sovereignty of the three worlds, that had been usurped by Bali (the demon king), depending as he did on Lord Visnu (descended in the form of Vamana[1], the Divine Dwarf, his younger Brother). Proceed (at once) to Nanda's Vraja; there reside the two sons of Anakadundubhi (Vasudeva). (Please) bring them both here in this chariot; let there be no delay. My death, I understand, has been pre-ordained at the hands of the younger one by the gods, who have their (sole) refuge in Visnu. (Therefore) fetch them along with the Gobs headed by Nanda and equipped with tributes of various kinds. I shall have them despatched, when brought down here, by my elephant (Kuvalayapida), who is as good as Death (himself).
If (however) they escape it, I shall get them killed by wrestlers (fierce) like thunderbolts. On the two brothers having been killed I shall do away with their afflicted kinsmen-the Vrsnis, the Bhojas and the Dasarhas-headed by Vasudeva, as well as my aged father, Ugrasena, who is anxious to regain his sovereignty, his (younger) brother, Devaka, and whoever else are my enemies. And then this earth, 0 friend, will be rid of (all its) thorns, Jarasandha is (my father-in-law and therefore as good as) my father; while Dwivida (the monkey-chief) is my beloved friend. (Even so) Sambara, Naraka and Bana have (all) entered into alliance with me. Destroying with their help (all) kings who are siding with the gods, I shall rule over the (entire) globe (myself). Knowing this (but not disclosing my intention to the people of Vraja), fetch the two youngsters, Balarama and Krsna, here at once so as to enable them to witness the bow-sacrifice as well as to behold the splendour of Mathura (the capital of the Yadus)." Akrura replied : Well-thought out is your remedy against the evil that stares you in the face. One should (however) keep one's mind balanced in success and failure; for it is Providence that procures the fruit of our endeavours.



  1. For the story of Lord Vamana see Discourses XVIII to XXIII of Book Eight.

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