Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 35:14-21

Book 10: Thirty-five Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 35: Verses 14-21

When, placing the flute between His lips, ruddy as a (ripe) Bimba fruit, 0 Yasoda (a virtuous lady), your Son, an expert in the various games played by cowherds, evolves varied original tunes in the domain of flute-playing, the chiefs of the gods headed by Indra, Lord Siva (the god of destruction) and Brahma (the highest functionary of the universe) listen to that music again and again with their neck and mind inclined (towards the quarter from which the sound comes) and, unable to penetrate into its subtleties, learned as they are, fall into confusion. When, playing on His flute, Sri Krsna walks with the gait of an elephant (the foremost of all creatures in point of bulk), soothing the pain of the soil of Vraja caused by the hoofs of the cattle (treading on it) by (the soles of) His own (tender) feet resembling the petals of a lotus and bearing the weird marks of a flag, thunderbolt, lotus and goad, we-in whom are fire of love is kindled by His amorous glances and who are reduced to the (insensate) state of trees by (the sight of) His (graceful) movements- are no longer conscious of our braid or (even) of our dress due to infatuation.
Whenever, wearing (a string of) beads (of various colours) and counting the (herds of) cows (with the help of those beads) and resting His arm on the shoulder of a loving follower, Sri Krsna, adorned with a wreath of Tulasi flowers, the fragrance of which is (so) dear to Him, sings somewhere (on His flute), the she-deer, the companions of black antelopes, whose mind is carried away by the music of His sounding flute, continue to be with Sri Krsna, the ocean of virtues, once they meet Him, having abandoned like (us,) the cowherd women (all) hopes of returning to their home. When, having gaily decorated Himself with wreaths of jasmine flowers, and surrounded by cowherd boys and His cattle-wealth, your Darling, Sri Krsna (Nanda's Son), 0 sinless Yasoda, sports on the bank of the Yamuna, giving delight to His loving companions, a gentle breeze fans Him agreeably, welcoming Him by its cool and fragrant touch like that of sandal paste; and hosts of demigods (Gandharvas and others), who play the role of panegyrists, wait upon Him with their instrumental and vocal music and offerings (of various kinds and thereby delay His return to Vraja).



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