Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 34:15-26

Book 10: Thirty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 34: Verses 15-26

Completely rid of the curse by the touch of Your feet, 0 Dispeller of sorrows, I ask leave of You, the celebrated Lord, who dissipate the fears of those who are afraid of rebirth and have sought You as their refuge. I have approached You as my protector, 0 great Yogi, 0 Supreme Person, 0 Protector of the righteous ! (Pray) grant me leave, 0 Lord, 0 Ruler of rulers of all the worlds ! I was immediately rid of the Brahmanas' curse through Your very sight, 0 immortal Lord ! A man uttering Your name purifies at once all those who hear him (do so) as well as himself. What wonder, then, that I, who was actually touched by the feet of such a Lord, viz., Yourself, should get purified (at once) I" Thus taking leave of Sri Krsna (a scion of Dasarha), going round Him (clockwise) and respectfully bowing to Him, Sudarsana ascended to heaven and Nanda was rescued from ,a perilous situation. With theit mind struck with wonder to witness such peculiar glory of Sri Krsna and completing their religious observances there, the people of Vraja returned home from that (holy) place, 0 protector of men, talking about it with reverence. On a certain occasion later on Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) and Balarama of wonderful prowess sported in the forest at night in the midst of women of Vraja.
They were being melodiously sung by the womenfolk-who had fastened their love on Them--were well-adorned, (nay) had their limbs smeared with sandal-paste, and were decked with garlands and dressed in immaculate garments. Making much of the advent of night-which was marked by the appearance of the moon and the stars as well as by (the hovering of) black bees intoxicated with the fragrance of jasmines, and was fanned by a breeze charged with the fragrance of water-lilies-and simultaneously going through the whole scale of musical notes with a regulated rise and fall of sound, the two Brothers sang to the delight of the mind and ears of all created beings. Hearing Their song, the cowherd women fell into a trance and did not notice their raiment falling off from their person or their wreaths dropped from their braid due to that trance, 0 protector of men ! While the two Brothers were thus revelling unconstrainedly and singing as though highly intoxicated, an attendant of Kubera (the bestower of riches) known by the name of Sankhacuda, arrived there. Nothing daunted, 0 king, he drove the screaming young women, though protected by Them, towards the north before Their very eyes.



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