Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 33:27-37

Book 10: Thirty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 33: Verses 27-37

The king submitted : It was in fact for establishing Dharma (righteousness) on a sound footing as well as for the suppression of that which is other than Dharma (viz., Adharma or unrighteousness) that Lord Sri Krsna, (the Ruler of the universe) descended (in the world of matter) along with His part manifestation (Balarama). How (then) did He, the Promulgator, Institutor and Conservator of ethical standards, commit a transgression in the shape of embracing others' wives, 0 holy one ? With what intention indeed did that Lord of the Yadus, who had all His desires fulfilled, perpetrate a repelling act ? (Pray,) resolve this doubt of ours, O sage of sacred vows ! Sri Suka replied : Violation of Dharma (the principles of righteousness) and overboldness (too) is (occasionally) witnessed on the part of the mighty. It does not (however) bring (any) sin on those possessed of exceptional glory as in the case of fire, that consumes everything (including even impure substances such as filth and corpses). He (however) who is not (so) powerful (and is bound by his Karma) should never deliberately attempt this even mentally; for he who does so through folly (recognizing himself as powerful) will (surely) meet his ruin even as anyone other than Rudra would if he were to swallow the poison churned out of the ocean. A precept (alone) of the mighty (those possessed of wisdom, dispassion and so on) is authoritative (and therefore worth following, if uttered in right earnest and not as a test of our wisdom). Their conduct (however) is worth imitating on certain occasions only. (Therefore,) an intelligent man should follow only such conduct as is consistent with their own precept.
There is no personal gain to be achieved here through such virtuous conduct by egoless people, nor does any harm come to them through the reverse of such actions, 0 king ! How, then, could any virtue or sin binding those that are subject to His control attach to the (supreme) Ruler of all creatures, viz., sub-human creatures, human beings and gods. Whence indeed could there be any bondage for the Lord, who assumed a personality of His own free will, when those who are sated (in the sense that they have no desire left in them) by enjoying the pollen of His lotus-feet as also those who have shaken off all their ties of Karma by virtue of their Yoga (mental union with God) and (even so) those who are given to contemplation on their identity with the Universal Spirit conduct themselves freely (in this world) and are never bound (by their actions) ? He (alone) who indwelt (as the Inner Controller) not only the cowherd women and their husbands but all embodied souls (as a matter of fact), (nay), who is the Witness (of all minds etc.) sportfully assumed a personality (and manifested Himself as Sri Krsna) in this world (of matter). Having assumed a human semblance in order to shower His grace on (and attract solely towards Him) created beings, the Lord indulges in sports like the Rasa-Play, hearing of which man may get exclusively devoted to Him.



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