Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 32:12-18

Book 10: Thirty-two Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 32: Verses 12-18

where the darkness of the night had been dispelled by the flood of rays o moon and on which soft sanfdthe night s had been spread by the hands-in the form of waves-of the Krsna (Yamuna). The Gopis, whose heartache (caused by their separation from the Lord) had been dissipated by the joy flowing from His sight, attained the end of their desire even as the Srutis (Vedic texts dealing with rituals performed from some interested motive, and thus failing to perceive God) transcend the realm of desire (when they pass on to the topic of Jhana or God-Realization and achieve their real purpose). (Now) they prepared a seat for Sri Krsna (the Friend of their soul) with their scarfs spotted with the saffron paint on their bosom. Seated there and honoured by them, the aforesaid almighty Lord, who stands enthroned in the heart of masters of Yoga, shone in the midst of that bevy of the Gopis, revealing a personality which is the one abode of loveliness spread through (all) the three worlds. Greeting Sri Krsna--who had kindled love in their breast-with their eye-brows, whose grace fulness was heightened by their sportful glances accompanied by (bright) smiles, and warmly praising Him while pressing His hands and feet placed in their lap, they spoke (as follows) feeling a bit enraged. The Gopis said : Some love in return those who love them; while others do (just) the reverse of it (i.e., love even those that do not love them in return). Still others do not love either. Kindly explain this clearly to us, 0 Lord ! The glorious Lord replied : They who love one another (for mutual benefit), 0 friends, (really love their own self and none other; for) their endeavour indeed is solely actuated by self-interest. Neither goodwill nor virtue plays any part there; for such love has a (purely) selfish motive and not otherwise, They who actually love even those that do not love them (in return) are compassionate (and loving too) like one's parents. There is blameless virtue as well as goodwill operating here, 0 charming girls !



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