Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 2:17-26

Book 10: Second Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 2: Verses 17-26

Carrying (in him) the glorious presence of Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person) and (consequently) shining as the sun, Vasudeva evidently grew to be most formidable and hard to approach in the eyes of (all) living beings. Thereupon, just as the eastern quarter bears the moon (the delighter of all), the glorious Devaki conceived in her mind the Lord carrying (with Him all) His divine potencies (constituting so many parts of His Being), and embodying the good-luck of the world-the Lord who comprises all and represented her very self-duly communicated (to her) by Vasudeva (through mere sight even as a preceptor would impress on the mind of his disciple a mental image of the Lord). Imprisoned within (the four walls of) the palace of Kamsa (the chief of the Bhojas) like an enclosed flame or like useful knowledge pent up in (the mind of) a (selfish) scholar who keeps his knowledge to himself, Devaki, who had (now) turned into an abode of the Lord Himself (the abode of the universe), did not shine fully (failed to delight the outside world).
Perceiving Devaki, who bore the invincible Lord within her illumining the palace by her (uncommon) lustre and having a bright smile (on her countenance), Kamsa said (to himself): "Hari, who is going to take my life, has clearly and surely entered her womb, like a lion entering a cave; for she was not like this (so bright) before. What should be speedily done by me now with reference to him? For (if 1 attempt to make short work of him, the moment he is born) he is not going to withhold his prowess (even as a new-born babe would do), intent as he is on his purpose (of advancing the interests of the gods). (And if I dispose of Devaki herself, before my enemy is born,) such destruction of Devaki (my cousin), who is not only a woman but enceinte (too), will forthwith mar my reputation and prosperity and cut short my life. Such a one is indeed (as good as) dead, though breathing, who lives by most atrocious deeds; (for) people curse ,such a man (even during his lifetime) and, when his body gets defunct, he is surely destined to go to hell (consisting of blinding darkness), the inevitable fate of one identifying oneself with the body." Pondering thus, Kamsa, though powerful himself, ceased from that darkest design (of killing Devaki) and kept awaiting the birth of Sri Hari, cherishing a feeling of enmity for Him.
Thinking of Lord Sri Krsna (the Ruler of the senses) while sitting, lying down, standing, taking his food and walking on earth, he saw the world full of Him. Going thither, with sages headed by Narada and gods accompanied by their attendants (such as Gandharvas), Brahma and Siva (the Source of the universe), glorified (in the following words) Lord Visnu (who showers all desired boons). "We seek as our shelter You of true resolve, existing in the past, present and future (i.e., before, during and after creation), the (ultimate) Source of earth, water and fire (collectively referred to in the Vedic literature by the term 'Sat'), as well as of air and ether (collectively known as Tyat*) and dwelling in the aforesaid (five) elements (called by the name of 'Satyam'), as the Reality underlying them (all), the Prompter of truthful speech as well as of undifferentiating vision, and consisting of truth, which is (at the same time) the highest means of attaining You.



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