Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 29:7-14

Book 10: Twenty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 29: Verses 7-14

Others, who were bedaubing their person with sandal-paste etc., left that work half-finished; still others, who were rubbing and cleaning their person with oily substances, decamped leaving off that work; and some (more), who were painting their eyes with collyrium, put off that work and ran to meet Sri Krsna. Still others sought the presence of Sri Krsna with their garments and jewels wrongly placed. Though being stopped by their husbands, parents, brothers or other relations, they did not turn back (homeward), infatuated as they were (through love), their mind having been lured away by Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows). Some cowherd women, who were inside their house and could not find their way out for a sally, fixed their mind on Sri Krsna with their eyes closed, seized as they were with an intense longing to meet Him. (All) their sins having been burnt up by the intense agony of separation from Sri Krsna (their most beloved Lord)-which could not be easily endured-and their (entire) stock of merit depleted through ecstatic joy proceeding from the loving embrace of the immortal Lord secured in contemplation, the cowherd women, whose shackles of Karma (which kept them bound to the world) were (thus) completely sundered, forthwith cast off their material body, united as they were (in thought) with Sri Krsna (the Supreme Spirit), even though they recognized Him to be a (mere) paramour. The king (Pariksit) put in : The (aforesaid) Gopis knew Sri Krsna to be no more than their darling and in any case did not recognize Him as Brahma (the Infinite), 0 (holy) sage! How was the cessation of the stream (cycle) of mundane existences possible in the case of the aforesaid Gopis, whose mind was swayed by the three Gunas? Sri Suka replied : This has already[1] been explained to you how Sisupala (the ruler of Cedi) attained final beatitude (oneness with the Lord) though hating Sri Krsna (the Ruler of the senses). What wonder, then, that the Gopis who looked upon Sri Krsna (who is above sense-perception) as their beloved Lord should do so. The manifestation of the Lord, who is free from decay and cannot be cognized through the intellect, (nay), who is beyond the three Gunas as well as their Controller, 0 protector of men, is intended (only) for bestowing the boon of final beatitude on human beings.



  1. Vide VII.i. 22-31

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