Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 29:34-39

Book 10: Twenty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 29: Verses 34-39

Our mind, which found delight (heretofore) in the home, has been easily lured away by You; and our hands too, that' remained engaged in household duties, have been robbed of their capacity for work. Our feet (likewise) do not recede even a step from the soles of Your feet. How, then, can we return to Vraja or (even if we manage somehow to go there) what (useful work) shall we do there (when our mind and other internal organs have ceased functioning altogether)? Quench with the flood of nectar flowing from Your lips the fire of passion kindled (in our breast) by Your (bewitching) smiles, (loving) glances and melodious music. If not, on our bodies being consumed by the fire of separation we shall (like Yogis) attain to the presence of Your (lotus) feet by force of meditation, 0 beloved Friend ! From the time, 0 lotus-eyed One, we touched at some unknown spot (in the forest) the soles of Your (lotus) feet-that concede the privilege of touching them (even) to Goddess Rama (only) now and then-alas ! we are not able (even) to stand before anyone else, now that we have been blessed by You, to whom we (the denizens of the forest) are so dear, 0 Darling 1 Having secured a place even on Your bosom, Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) has (always) sought in rivalry with Tulasi (the deity presiding over the basil plant, the favourite of the Lord) for the dust of Your lotus-feet, actually enjoyed by Your servants-Sri, for (drawing) whose (gracious) look (on them) the other gods (strenuously) exert themselves. We too have likewise sought the dust of Your feet. Therefore, be propitious to us, 0 Soother of (all) suffering, since we have sought the soles of Your feet quitting our homes with the (sole) ambition of waiting upon You. (Pray,) grant us, 0 jewel among men, the privilege of serving You-us whose mind is tormented with intense longing awakened by Your piercing glances accompanied by charming smiles. Beholding Your countenance-overhung by curly locks, with its cheeks illumined by the splendour of ear-rings and lips full of nectar and characterized by smiles and sidelong glances-and gazing on Your stout arms, that have vouchsafed protection (to Your devotees) as well as on Your bosom, the sole delight of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity), we would be Your slaves.



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