Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 29:26-33

Book 10: Twenty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 29: Verses 26-33

Intercourse with a paramour on the part of a woman of noble pedigree is a bar to heaven, scandalous, mean, a source of trouble, fraught with fear and hateful everywhere. Love for Me is fostered not so much by physical proximity (to Me) as by hearing My praises, looking at Me, meditating on Me or by singing Me glories. Therefore, return home. Sri Suka continued : Hearing the foregoing speech of Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows), which was so unpleasant (to hear), the Gopis felt despondent and, finding their designs frustrated, were plunged into deep anxiety (that could not be easily overcome). Casting down their faces with lips, cherry as a ripe Bimba fruit, parched up by their breaths hot with grief, and scratching the ground with their toe, they stood silent under the heavy load of their sorrow, washing the saffron painted on their breasts with tears mixed with the collyrium of their eyes. Wiping their eyes bedimmed by weeping, the Gopis, who had given up all (other) cravings for the sake of the Lord, full of love as they were (for Him), spoke (thus) to Sri Krsna, their most beloved One-who was talking like one who had no love for them, as though rejecting their offer of love-in a voice choked with mild anger.
The Gopis said : You ought not to speak so cruelly to us. Kindly take in Your service us, that have sought the soles of Your feet renouncing all (other) objects, (even) as Lord Narayana (the most ancient Person) accepts (the worship of) those that seek Liberation. (Pray,) do not abandon us, 0 Lord who are (so) hard to win over ! As it has been observed by You, the Knower of Dharma (the principles of righteousness), that the natural duty of women is to render service to their husband and children as well as to the relations of their husband, 0 beloved One, let such service be done to You, the almighty Lord, the (central) theme of all teachings; for You are the most beloved Friend, (nay) the (very) Self of all embodied souls (so that service rendered to You will redound to the gratification of all, even as by watering the roots of a tree all its limbs get nourished of their own accord). Those well-versed in the sacred lore surely find delight in You (alone), their own eternally beloved Self; what purpose could be gained through a husband, children and others, who are sources of agony ? Therefore, be gracious to us, 0 supreme Lord; (pray,) do not frustrate our hopes centred in You for a long time, 0 lotus-eyed One ?



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