Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 29:15-25

Book 10: Twenty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 29: Verses 15-25

Indeed they who constantly cherish (the feeling of) lascivious passion, wrath, fear, affection, kinship or devotion toward sri Hari attain oneness with Him. Hence no feeling of wonder should be entertained by you as you do with regard to Sri Krsna-the birthless Lord, the Ruler of all masters of Yoga-by whose grace (the whole of) this (mobile and immobile) creation can be liberated. Finding the aforesaid women of Vraja arrived in His presence, the Lord, who is the foremost of (all) elocutionists, addressed them (as follows), infatuating them by His elegant expressions. The glorious Lord said : Welcome is your presence (here), O highly blessed ones ! In what way can I oblige you? Is everything well with Vraja ? (Please) reveal (to Me) the motive of your visit (to this place). Frightful in aspect is this night and characterized by the presence of hideous creatures (too). (Therefore) return to Vraja (forthwith); you should not tarry here, 0 slender-waisted ones I Not finding you (at home), mothers and fathers. sons, brothers and husbands must be looking for you. (Pray,) do not cause anxiety to your near and dear ones. The blossoming forest, illumined with the rays of the full moon and adorned with the tender leaves of trees waving before the sport of breezes from the Yamuna, has been seen (by you). Therefore, return without delay to Vraja and serve your husbands, 0 virtuous ladies 1 The calves as well as the children are crying (due to hunger); nourish them with milk and milk the cows. Or (may be) you have come because your mind is bound by ties of attachment for Me. (If so) it is but proper for you; for (all) creatures find delight in Me. Indeed the paramount duty of women is to wait in a guileless manner upon their husband as well as his relations and to nourish the children. A husband should not be abandoned by women aspiring for higher (heavenly) regions, be he depraved, unlucky, decrepit, dull-witted, ailing or even indigent, unless (of course) he isa reprobate.



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