Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 24:15-30

Book 10: Twenty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 24: Verses 15-30

What have created beings-that follow each the course of its own action in this world-to do with Indra, who is incapable of altering the course of actions performed by men according to their individual nature ? Indeed every created being is a slave to its nature and follows its own natural disposition. The whole of this creation including gods, demons and human beings has its being in nature. By force of Karma a soul takes (diverse) corporeal forms, high and low, and quits them. Karma alone appears in the form of an enemy, a friend or a neutral and Karma alone is our preceptor and almighty Lord. Therefore, sticking to the Varna (grade of society) and Asrama (stage in life) determined by one's own nature and performing one's own duty, one should duly worship Karma alone. In fact, that alone is one's deity by which one lives happily (in this world). Depending on a particular deity, he who worships another does not derive happiness from the latter any more than an unchaste woman who loves a paramour. A Brahmana should live by (the teaching and exposition of) the Vedas; a Ksatriya, by protecting the land; a Vaisya, by (what is known as) Varta; while a Sudra should live by service (rendered) to the (aforesaid) twice-born classes. Varta is said to be of four kinds, viz., agriculture, commerce and rearing the bovine race, usury being the fourth. Out of these (four) the cow has ever been our (only) means of subsistence. (The qualities of) Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are severally the cause of the continuance, appearance and dissolution (of the universe); it is through (the quality of) Rajas that by mutual union (of the male and female) is brought forth the heterogenous universe. Impelled by Rajas, clouds shower water all round. It is through such water that living beings achieve their purpose (of getting their food etc.).
What has Mahendra to do with this ? There are neither cities nor territories nor villages nor houses in our possession. We have ever had our abode in the forest, dwelling as we do in woodlands and on mountains. Therefore, let there be instituted a worship of cows, the Brahmanas and the mountain (Govardhana). Let this worship be accomplished with those very materials that have been brought together for the worship of Indra. Let different varieties of cooked food from rice boiled in milk with sugar down to boiled pulses including Samyava (a kind of porridge made of wheat flour with milk and ghee etc.), buns and cakes be prepared and let all the milk be collected. Let fires be properly fed with offerings by Brahmanas who are expositors of the Vedas. Let excellent food be offered to them by you as well as cows and sacrificial fees. Food should also be given to (all) others down to the dog, the pariah and the fallen as may be deemed proper, And after supplying grass to the cows let the (aforesaid articles of) food be offered to the mountain. Duly adorned after taking your meals, artistically painted with sandal-paste etc., and decently dressed, go you round the cows, the Brahmanas, the sacred fires and the mountain, keeping them to your right (as a mark of respect). Let this view of mine be adopted, 0 father, if it pleases you. This worship will be dear to the cows, the Brahmanas and the mountain as well as to myself.



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