Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 23:34-43

Book 10: Twenty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 23: Verses 34-43

One of those ladies, who was (forcibly) held back by her husband, mentally embraced the Lord even as she had heard of Him, and cast off the body, that had been brought about as a result of her (past) actions. Having fed the cowherd boys with the same food of four kinds, Lord Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) too, though all powerful Himself, partook of it (in the end). Thus imitating the ways of men and delighting the cows and cowherds as well as the cowherdesses by His personal charm, speech and doings, Lord Sri Krsna (who had assumed a human semblance for the sake of sport) carried on His pastimes (in Vraja). Presently the aforesaid Brahmanas were filled with remorse to realize (through the fellowship of their pious and devoted wives) that they had committed an offence in that they turned down the solicitation of Balarama and Sri Krsna (the Rulers of the universe), who were behaving as men. Perceiving the transcendent devotion of their womenfolk to Lord Sri Krsna and full of regret to find themselves devoid of it, they severely condemned themselves (as follow):- "Fie upon our threefold birth (in the shape of our being born of Brahmana parents, investiture with the sacred thread and consecration for the sacrifice in which we are engaged) and learning (mastery of the Vedas); fie upon our sacred vow (of continence for the period of the sacrifice); fie upon our versatile knowledge; fie upon our pedigree and fie upon our proficiency in rituals when we have actually turned our face away from Lord Sri Krsna (who is above sense-perception).
Indeed the Lord's Maya (deluding potency) is capable of infatuating even those who are adept in Yoga (abstract meditation). That is why we, who are Brahmanas and (therefore) teachers of men, are ignorant of our real interest. 0 look at the devotion even of (our) women to Sri Krsna, the Father of the universe, the depth of which cannot be easily fathomed by us and which has cut asunder the snares of death going by the name of household ties (that bound them) ! Neither was the purificatory rite, (viz., that of investiture with the sacred thread) which is peculiar to the males of the twice-born classes undergone by them, nor did they reside in the preceptor's house (for learning the Vedas). No austerities were ever performed by them, nor was any enquiry made about the Spirit. Nor is purity (of personal habits) seen in them, nor (again) do any virtuous acts characterize them. Yet there is actually found in them unswerving devotion to Sri Krsna of excellent renown, the Lord of (all) masters of Yoga; while it does not appear in us, who have undergone the aforesaid purificatory rite and are endowed with all ' the other qualifications (mentioned in the foregoing verse).



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