Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 21:9-13

Book 10: Twenty-one Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 21: Verses 9-13

0 Gopis, what meritorious act has this flute performed, by virtue of which It freely enjoys (to its heart's content) the nectar flowing from the lips of Sri Krsna (who was once tied by His mother with a cord at the belly)-though a monopoly of the Gopis-so that nothing but sweetness is left behind (in those lips) ! (Lo !) the rivers (by whose waters its parent stock-the bamboo-was nourished) appear with their hair standing on end (in the form of the blooming lotuses through rapture), while the (bamboo) trees (themselves) are shedding tears (of joy in the shape of honey) even as the elders of a family are delighted to find their child enjoying the grace of the Lord. (The soil of) Vrndavana, 0 friend, enhances the glory of the earth (so as to make it outshine even the heavenly regions) in that the soil has been graced by the lotus-feet of Sri Krsna (the son of Yasoda[1]) and (further) because, witnessing the dance of peacocks enraptured to hear (the music of) Sri Krsga's flute (which they mistake for the low rumbling of clouds) all other creatures on the summits of Mount Govardhana cease from every activity (and stand motionless-a thing which is not seen in any other sphere).
Blessed indeed are these female deer, though stupid of mind-that, on hearing the music of the flute, offered in the company of the male deer (the black antelopes) worship, performed through their loving glances, to the darling of Nanda, who has put on a wonderful garb. Gazing on Sri Krsna, whose comeliness and amiable disposition are a source of joy to the fair sex, and hearing the weird notes of the flute played on by Him, celestial women riding in aerial cars (and embraced by their spouses) stood infatuated, deprived of their presence of mind through love, flowers dropping from their braids and their skirts unsettled. Drinking with the cup of their ears, standing erect, the nectar-like music of flute flowing from Sri Krsna's lips and hugging Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) in their mind on His entering it through their eyes, the cows as well as their calves (that had just been let loose to be suckled by their mothers) stood motionless with drops of tears (in their eyes), the mouths of the latter remaining filled with the draught of milk flowing from the dripping udders (of their mothers), having no strength left in them to swallow the milk).



  1. The word 'Devaki' occurring in the above verse evidently stands for Yasoda inasmuch as the people of Vraja-and even the outside world-till the death of Kamsa took Sri Krsna to be the son of Yasoda alone, and we have the evidence of the Visnupurana to show that Yasoda bore the name of Devaki too-'

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