Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 20:26-38

Book 10: Twentieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 20: Verses 26-38

Called by the Lord, cows, that walked with a slow gait due to the heavy weight of their udders, marched with quick steps, their udders showering milk (on the way) due to affection. (As He passed through the woods) the Lord perceived the denizens of the forest (viz., the Bhilas as well as the birds and beasts) highly rejoiced, rows of trees dripping with honey, streams of water flowing from mountains as well as their murmur and the caves near them. At times, when it rained on all sides, the Lord took shelter in the hollow of a tree or in a cave and sported (there) eating bulbs, roots and fruits. Accompanied by Sankarsana (Balarama), He ate rice and curds brought by Him (from home) with vegetables etc., on a slab close to the water in the company of cowherd boys. Beholding fully gratified bulls, calves and cows weary with the weight of their udders, sitting on the green meadows and ruminating with their eyes closed, as well as the aforesaid splendour of the rainy season, enhanced by His own (enrapturing) energy and bringing delight to (all) created beings, the Lord welcomed them all.
While Balarama and Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva) thus dwelt in Vraja, there fully set in the autumnal season free from clouds and characterized by crystal waters and gentle breezes. Due to the autumn, marked with the appearance of lotuses, waters regained their transparency (even) as the minds of those that have strayed from (the path of) Yoga recover their purity by resuming the practice of Yoga. The autumn drove away the clouds from the sky, relieved the congestion of living beings (occasioned by the overgrowth of creatures), dried up the mire on the earth and eliminated the turbidity of water (even) as devotion to Sri Krsna puts an end to all evil besetting those belonging to the (four) Asramas (stages in life).
Having discharged all their wealth (in the form of water), the clouds shone forth in their white lustre (even) like ascetics that have given up (all forms of) desire (viz., the desire for progeny, the hankering for wealth and the ambition for glory) and have shed their impurity (in the shape of) tendency to action and have (consequently become composed. As some places the mountains released their pure water whereas at other places they did not, (even) as enlightened souls impart their nectar-like wisdom on some (opportune) occasions (to the qualified), while at other times they do not. The creatures living in shallow waters did not at all notice the water diminishing (everyday), (even) as stupid householders do not perceive their span of life shortening everyday. Like a destitute and helpless householder, who has not been able to subdue his senses, suffering hardships, the creatures living in shallow waters experienced the heat radiated by the autumnal sun.



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