Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 1:50-61

Book 10: First Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 1: Verses 50-61

Or might not the contrary happen (i.e., might not Kamsa himself suffer death at the hands of my sons); (for) the ways of Providence are hard to comprehend. What is imminent may turn away and what has turned away may appear again. (Just) as in the case of a (forest) fire there is no cause other than destiny for its coming into contact with a (particular) tree (however distant it may be) and its remaining aloof from another (though quite near to it), so indeed in the case (even) of a living being the ground (other than destiny) of its being connected with or dissociated from a (particular) body is difficult to conceive." Having thus pondered to the best of his intellectual acumen, Vasudeva (the son of Sura) actually eulogized that sinful fellow with great esteem.
With d blooming lotus-like countenance, yet with an aching heart, he smilingly addressed the following words to that hard hearted wretch. Vasudeva observed : Indeed there is no fear to you, 0 gentle one, from this girl as the incorporeal voice (from heaven) has conveyed (to you). I shall (accordingly) make over (to you) her sons, from whom fear has arisen in you. Sri Suka continued : Kamsa, who knew the truthfulness of Vasudeva's words, ceased from killing Devaki (his own cousin). Applauding him, Vasudeva too reached home full of delight. Now, when the time came, Devaki, who (being the abode of Sri Hari) represented all the gods (on her person), (successively) brought forth eight sons and a daughter too (Subhadra by name) besides, one every year.
Much afraid of falsehood, Vasudeva handed over to Kamsa with (great) difficulty his first-born son, Kirtiman (by name). Indeed what is difficult to endure in the eyes of the righteous? What is needed by the wise? What is unworthy in the eyes of the depraved? And what is difficult to renounce for those who have cherished Sri Hari (the Self of all)? Rejoiced at heart to perceive such equanimity in Vasudeva (the son of Sura) as well as his unflinching devotion to truth, Kamsa, O Pariksit, smilingly spoke the following words- "Let this boy return (to your protection); for there is no fear to me from him. Obviously my death has been decreed at the hands of your eighth progeny." Taking the boy with the word "Amen" Vasudeva returned (home). (Of course) he did not rejoice over those words of Kamsa (the wicked one) of uncontrolled mind.



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