Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 14:39-48

Book 10: Fourteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 14: Verses 39-48

Give me leave (to go), 0 Krsna ! You know everything, 0 omniscient Lord ! You alone are the Protector of the worlds; (therefore) this world (including this my) body (both of which I have regarded as my own), is (hereby) offered to You. 0 glorious Krsna-who (like the sun) bring joy to the lotus of Vrsni's race and (like the moon) swell the ocean in the form of the earth, the gods, the Brahmanas and the cows-the Dispeller of the darkness of pseudoreligion, the Enemy of the Raksasas on earth (such as Kamsa), 0 Lord who are worthy of adoration for all including the sun-god, let my salutations be to You till the end of the cycle. Sri Suka continued : Having thus glorified Sri Krsna (the infinite Lord), Brahma (the creator of the universe) went round Him (as a mark of respect) thrice and, bowing at His feet, returned to his realm (Brahmaloka), which is adored by all. Then, granting leave to Brahma (the self-born) the Lord brought (back) the calves, that stood (grazing) as before (they were stolen by Brahma), to the bank of His choice (which He had selected for His repast with the cowherd boys and) where His companions had been waiting for Him as before.
And even though a whole year had passed without Sri Krsna (the Lord of their life, in whose absence even a moment hung heavy as a year at other times), the (cowherd) boys, 0 Pariksit, regarded it as half a moment, infatuated as they were by the Maya (deluding potency) of Sri Krsna ! What do they not forget in this world-they whose mind stands deluded by Maya, infatuated by which the whole creation remains constantly forgetful of itself ! And (lo !) the friends (of Sri Krsna) said, "It is well that You have come (back) with great expedition. Not a morsel has (yet) been swallowed by us; come this side and dine (with us) to your heart's content." Thereupon Sri Krsna (the Ruler of the senses) laughed (a hearty laugh), took His meal with the (cowherd) boys and; showing them the skin of the python, He returned from the forest to Vraja. His person picturesquely decked with the plume of a peacock and blossoms and painted with fresh minerals, (nay,) full of joy at the shrill notes of flutes, whistles of leaves and horns, and lovingly shouting to His calves, Sri Krsna (whose very sight brought delight to the eyes of cowherd women) entered Vraja, His purifying glory being sung (all the way) by His followers. "Today a large serpent has been killed and ourselves saved from it by this son of Yasoda and Nanda !" So did the (cowherd) boys proclaim in Vraja.



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