Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 13:12-22

Book 10: Thirteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 13: Verses 12-22

While the cowherd boys (the keepers of calves), O Pariksit (a scion of Bharata), were thus having their repast with their mind absorbed in Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), the calves allured by (luxuriant) pasture strayed far away into the woods. Seeing them obsessed with fear, Sri Krsna, the terror (even) of Death (the cause of fright to the world), said to them, "Friends, do not desist from eating; I shall (presently) fetch the calves here." Saying so, Lord Sri Krsna went a hunting for His calves in mountain-caves, arbours and forests, with the morsel (still) in His hand. Appearing in the meantime Brahma (the lotus-born), who while stationed in the sky had ere long felt highly astonished to witness the deliverance (even) of Aghasura at the hands of the almighty Lord-carried away from this place His calves (and later on) the cowherd boys (too) to another place, 0 jewel of the Kurus, and hid himself in order to behold further delightful glory of the Lord appearing as a child through His Maya (enchanting power). Failing to find the calves there and the cowherd boys too on the river bank on returning (to that spot), Sri Krsna looked for both on every side in the forest. Not perceiving the calves or (even) their keepers anywhere within (the limits of) the forest, Sri Krsna, who (as a matter of fact) knew everything, at once clearly perceived it all to be the doing of Brahma (the creator).
Presently, in order to bring delight to their mothers as well as to Brahma, Sri Krsna (the almighty Lord), the Maker of the universe, made Himself appear as both (the calves as well as their keepers). A concrete illustration, as it were, of the (Vedic) dictum that "Everything consists of Visnu," the all-formed Sri Krsna (the birthless Lord) appeared as many and of the same size as the tender forms of the small calves and their keepers, having the same number and size of hands and feet and other limbs, carrying the same number and size of staves, horns, flutes, whistles etc., made of leaves and bags, decked with and clad in the same number and size of ornaments and clothes, assuming the same disposition and accomplishments, names, appearances and age and exhibiting the same sports etc. Causing Himself, in the form of calves, to be driven back (from the forest) by His own Self in the form of their keepers, Himself being the Guide, and diverting Himself with sports that represented His very Self, Lord Sri Krsna (who embraced all) entered Vraja. Driving (in the form of the various cowherd boys) separately the calves belonging to the different cowherd boys and placing them in their respective stalls, He entered the houses of those cowherd boys and stayed (there) in the form of each such boy, 0 Pariksit! Rising in a hurry at the sound of the flutes, their mothers lifted them up in their arms and, closely embracing them, suckled them (even though they had long been weaned) with the milk of their breasts flowing through (motherly) affection-which was sweet as nectar and inebriating like the sap of the palm fruit-looking upon the supreme Divinity as their own sons.



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