Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 12:13-23

Book 10: Twelfth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 12: Verses 13-23

Presently there came (to that spot) a mighty demon, Agha by name, who (evidently) did not brook the sight of their happy sport and whose vulnerable point was ever sought by the gods, that were anxious to preserve their life (against his fierce onslaughts) even though they had partaken of nectar (that had rendered them comparatively immune from death). Perceiving the (cowherd) boys with Sri Krsna at their head, the said Aghasura, the younger brother of Baki (Putana) and (the demon) Baka, and who had been sent by Kamsa, thought thus:--"lndeed this chap is the slayer of my co-uterine brother and sister; (hence) in order to avenge the wrong done to both those kinsmen of mine 1 shall despatch him along with his followers. When these are killed (lit., made to serve as an offering for the propitiation of my aforesaid relations in place of sesame seeds and water), all the inhabitants of Vraja will then be as good as dead. When life has departed, what cause of worry can there be about the bodies; for indeed the progeny are the life of those that live." Having thus resolved and assuming the monstrous and wonderful form of a boa constrictor, one Yojana (eight miles) long and stout as a big mountain, the wicked fellow then lay down across the road with his cave-like mouth wide open with the hope of devouring them (all).
His lower lip rested on the earth, while the upper lip touched the clouds; the corners of his mouth looked like caverns, his fangs resembled mountain-peaks, the interior of his mouth was full of darkness; his tongue was like a broad road, his breath was like a tempestuous blast and he was burning hot (with rage), his eyes resembling a wild fire. Perceiving him as such and taking him to be a beautiful landscape of Vrndavana, all in a sportive mood fancied it to be like the wide open mouth of a boa constrictor. (They said to one another,) "0 friends ! tell us whether the semblance of a living being standing before us resembles or not the mouth of a serpent distended for devouring us." (Another said,) "True, the cloud turned reddish through the rays of the sun appears as though it were its upper jaw; while the earth below, ruddy through its reflection, looks like its lower lip." (A third one said,) "Lo ! the mountain caverns on its right and left vie with the corners of its mouth; (while) these rows of lofty peaks too compete with its fangs. This broad and long road vies with its tongue; while the darkness pent up in the midst of these mountain-peaks emulates the interior of its mouth. Look here, this fierce wind heated by a wild fire appears like its breath; while the foul smell of animals burnt by it stinks like the flesh (of animals) in its belly.



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