Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 11:41-52

Book 10: Eleventh Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 11: Verses 41-52

Once, while They were grazing the calves on the bank of the Yamuna alongwith Their companions, a demon appeared (there) with intent to slay Sri Krsna and Balarama. Observing him disguised as a calf in the herd of calves and pointing him out to Baladeva, Sri Hari slowly approached him like an ignorant chap. Seizing him by his hind legs, tail and all, and revolving him, the immortal Lord (Sri Krsna) threw him lifeless against the top of a Kapittha tree. Along with the Kapittha fruits that were being made to drop (by the dead weight of his body), the demon too (who had while dying involuntarily given up his disguise and appeared in his own demoniac form) fell down. Surprised to behold him, the boys raised a shout of applause, saying "Well done ! Bravo !" The gods were highly gratified (at this) and showered flowers. Assuming the role of keepers of calves, the two sole Protectors of all the worlds roamed about (in the woods) grazing calves with Their breakfast in the wallet. Reaching the vicinity of a pond with intent to give a drink each to his own herd, one day, all made their calves drink water and drank of it themselves.
The boys saw standing there a monstrous creature resembling a mountain-peak struck off with (Indra's) thunderbolt, and got frightened. He was indeed a great demon, Baka by name, and disguised as a heron. Approaching all of a sudden, the powerful monster with a sharp beak swallowed Sri Krsna. Perceiving Sri Krsna swallowed by a huge heron, the (cowherd) boys led by Balarama got stupefied like the senses devoid of life. Baka forthwith disgorged Sri Krsna (the son of a cowherd), the father (even) of Brahma (the father of the universe)-who was burning the root of its palate-and rushed once more in a great rage with intent to kill Him with its bill. Seeing Baka, a friend of Kamsa, rushing (towards Him) and seizing it by the two halves of its bill, Sri Krsna, the Protector of the righteous, tore up the demon like a blade of straw in (mere) sport, bringing delight to the denizens of heaven, while the (cowherd) boys stood looking on. Then the denizens of the celestial region showered the Slayer of Baka with jasmine and other blossoms of Nandana (Indra's garden) and cheered Him with the beating of drums, blowing of conchs and the singing of praises. The cowherd boys were filled with wonder to behold this.



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