Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 11:15-27

Book 10: Eleventh Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 11: Verses 15-27

"Krsna, Krsna, O darling with lotus-like eyes, come suck my breasts ! Have done with (your) pastimes. You are emaciated from hunger and fatigued with sport, 0 dear son ! O Rama dear, come at once with your younger brother (Krsna), 0 delight of your race ! You had your breakfast early in the morning. Hence you ought to dine (now). The lord of Vraja (your father) is waiting for you, 0 scion of Dasarha, in order to take his meals. (Therefore,) come, bring delight to us both (your father as well as myself). Return to your home, 0 boys ! Take your bath, my boy-you whose person is soiled with dust. The star presiding over your birth is in the ascendant today. Getting purified (through bath), give away cows to (holy) Brahmanas. Lo ! look at your playmates, who have been washed and well-adorned by their mothers.
Resume you your play after you have bathed and finished your meals and are well-adorned." Saying so and thinking Sri Krsna, the Crown of all, to be her son, Yasoda, whose mind was bound with (ties of affection) for Him, 0 protector of men, clasped Him along with Balarama by the hand and taking Them to her house, presently performed rites calculated to bring good luck to Them.[1] Observing evil portents of a grave nature at Brhadvana (Gokula), elderly cowherds headed by Nanda came together and deliberated as to what should be done in the interests of Vraja. Of them, a cowherd, Upananda by name-who was advanced in wisdom and age, possessed insight into the true nature of things as well as into the peculiarities of time and place and did what was pleasing to Balarama and Sri Krsna-spoke as follows:-"We, who wish well of Gokula, ought to shift from this place.
(For) here appear evil portents of a grave nature, foreboding destruction of infants. ndeed this boy (Sri Krsna) was somehow rescued from (the clutches of) the ogress (Putana) who took the life of infants. It was surely by the grace of Sri Hari that the cart did not fall on him. Carried away to the skies, the resort of birds, by a demon in the form of a whirlwind, he dropped on a rock and was saved (even) in that predicament by the rulers of gods (our tutelary deities). That this boy or any other boy too should not die on getting between the two (Arjuna) trees (even while they fell) was also an act of deliverance by the immortal Lord (Visnu). Before a calamity foreboded by evil portents should overtake Vraja we shall shift from here to some other place alongwith our followers, taking our infants with us.



  1. 'Verses 10 to 20 above have not been commented upon by Sridhara Swami and Acarya Vallabha too and are evidently not recognized by them.

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