Srimad Bhagavadgita -Ramsukhdas 1092

Srimad Bhagavadgita Sadhaka Sanjivani -Swami Ramsukhdas


Chapter 11

Link:- Arjuna in the next two verses describes that the chief warriors were rushing headlong into the Lord's fearful mouths.

ami ca tvam dhrtarsstrasya putrah sarve sahaivavanipalasainghaih
bhismo dronah sutaputrastathasau sahhsmadiyairapi yodhamukhyaih
vaktrani to tvaramana visanti datitstrakaralani bhayanakani
kecidvilagna dasanantaresu sandrsyante curnitairuttamangaih

All the sons of Dhrtarastra, with hosts of kings of the earth, Bhisma, Drona, Karna, with the chief warriors on our side as well, are rushing headlong into Your mouths with terrible teeth and fearful to look at. Some of these are seen sticking in the gaps between the teeth, with their heads crushed. 26-27
Bhismo dronah sutaputrastathasau sahtsmadiyairapi yodhamukhyaib:- Arjuna says, that the chief warriors on their side, such as Dhrstadyumna, Virata and Drupada etc.. believed in righteousness and were prepared to wage the war, regarding it as their duty. All these warriors, as well as Bhisma, Drona, Kama were rushing headlong into the Lord's mouth. Arjuna mentions these three names, of the rival army, to explain that they also joined the army, as a part of their duty.[1]
Arni ca tvam dhrtarastrasya putrah sarve sahaivavanipalasanghaih:- Those kings who were well-wishers of Duryodhana, and were ready to fight on his side, as well as Dhctarastra's hundred sons - Duryodhana and Duhsasana, etc., were rushing headlong, into the Lord's mouths, having terrible teeth.
Kecidvilagna dasanantaresu sandrsyante curnitairuttamangaih:- Some warriors were ingested by the Lord, but some of them were seen sticking in the gaps between the teeth, with heads crushed.



  1. Bhisma—Bhismaisa very well-known figure in the history of the world for his vow of life long celibacy and renunciation of his claim to his father's throne in order to facilitate his fathers marriage with Satyavati. He was so fine in his cow that he fought against his preceptor Parasurama. Lord Krsna had vowed that he would remain unarmed. But when Bhisma vowed that he would compel Lord Krsna tube equipped with weapon, He had to take up arms, once a whip and the second time a disc and run towards Bhisma Drona—Drona are Duryodhana's food. So it was incumbent upon him to fight, thus he joined the battle regarding it as his duty. But at last listening to the gods he withdraws himself from the battle thinking of his duty as a Brahmana (a member of the priest class). He was so impartial that he taught his own son, Asvatthama how to set Brahmastra (a weapon or missile which caused infallible destruction and was used and withdrawn by chanting sacred formulas) in motion only while to his disciple Arjuna he taught both how to set it in motion and how to withdraw it. Kama—Being a bosom friend of Duryodhana, he fought on his side. Even when Lord Krsna disclosed to him that he was Kuntis son, he refused to give up the cause of Duryodhana. Moreover he asked Lord Krsna not to disclose the secret to Yudhisthim otherwise he, regarding him as his elder brother, would handover the kingdom to him and who would hand it over to Duryodhana. So the Pandavas would lead a miserable life forever. His charities were incomparable. One day redo, the king of the gods, in Arjuna's interest, begged him to make a gift of his natural armour and earrings attached to his body. With great delight he tore his armour and earrings from his body and gave them away. Kunti asked him nut to kill anyone of her sons in the war. He promised not to kill her four sons but he would fight against Arjuna who could either be killed or would kill him. Even if Arjuna died, she would have five sons (including him viz., Kama).