Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya 486

Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya

Chapter-16 Daivāsura Sampad Vibhāga Yogaḥ

The Division between the Divine and the Non-Divine.


Summary of the Teaching

In the preceding three chapters the following teachings were given: —

The true nature of the Material World (Prakrti), and the Jivatman (Purusha), both in isolation as well as in conjunction with each other;

Attachment is the cause for their [continued] conjunction and non-attachment leads to their separation;

Both Prakrti and the Purusha in whatever modes of existence they may be, constitute the plenary expansion (Vibhuti) of the Lord; and

The Lord is truly the Supreme Being who is distinct from insentient matter and sentient Jiva in both the states of bondage and liberation, because He is immutable, all-pervading — the Supporter and the Ruler of all.

In this chapter, the Lord describes the characteristics of those who belong to the Divine Establishment — those who submit to the teachings of Śāstra and those of the Non-Divine Establishment — those who do not — in order to reinforce the point that reliance on the authority of Śāstra is the essential basis for all the teachings given earlier.


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