Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya 440

Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya

Chapter-14 Guṇa-traya-vibhāg Yogaḥ

The Threefold Division of the Modes of Material Nature


Summary of the Teaching

In the thirteenth chapter it was taught that after learning the truth concerning the nature of Prakrti and Purusha and their mutual conjunction, one should cultivate the virtues of humility etc., together with devotion to the Lord as the means for liberation from bondage. And it was also stated in the verse — “Its attachment to these Gunas is the cause of birth in higher and lower wombs” (13.21) — the cause of bondage is attachment to pleasure etc., which arise from affiliation with the Gunas. Now, this chapter deals with the manner in which the Gunas become the cause of bondage and how their hold can be eliminated.

śri bhagavān uvāca

paraṃ bhūyaḥ pravakṣyāmi jñānānāṃ jñānam uttamam |
yaj-jñātvā munayaḥ sarve parāṃ siddhim ito gatāḥ || 1 ||

The Blessed Lord said

1. I shall teach again another kind of knowledge: the best of all forms of knowledge, by knowing
which, all the sages have attained the state of perfection beyond this world.


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