Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya 347

Srimad Bhagavad Gita -Ramanujacharya

Chapter-11 Viśvarūpa Darśana Yogaḥ

The Vision of the Cosmic Form


Summary of the Teaching

Thus, for engendering Bhakti Yoga and helping to develop it, Sri Krishna taught that He is the Over-Self of all beings. He gave a narration of His unique auspicious attributes which characterize Him as different from all other entities. He also taught that the entire range of sentient and insentient beings which are likened to the corporeality or “body” of God, are completely dependant upon Him for their origin, existent and activity.

Having heard from Krishna of His marvelous and unique nature and activity; and being convinced of the truth of this revelation, Arjuna became desirous of directly perceiving these things and conveyed his longing to Krishna. By His grace, Arjuna was able to see Him as described in this chapter.

śrī arjuna uvāca

mad-anugrahāya paramaṃ guhyam adhyātma saṃjñitam |
yat tvayoktaṃ vacas tena moho-yaṃ vigato mama || 1 ||

Arjuna said.

1. Out of compassion for Me, You have personally revealed the most profound mystery
concerning the jivatman; thereby this delusion of mine is completely dispelled.


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