Lord Krishna -Sivananda 303

Lord Krishna (His Lilas and Teachings) -Swami Sivananda

Part 3


Kavi Instructs

Kavi said: “The worship of the feet of Achyuta leads to everlasting good. The continuous contemplation and service to the lotus-like feet of Achyuta free a man, who is deluded by mistaking the worthless body for the pure Atman, from all fears. It teaches you to feel the consciousness of His Presence everywhere and in all things and attain bliss and freedom. Know perfectly those duties which please the Lord and lead to His realisation, which were taught by the Lord Himself for the realisation of Atman even to men of no learning. In following the path of Bhagavata Dharma one is not overcome by obstacles as in the path of Yoga. He may run along this path even with closed eyes without fear of losing his steps, without knowing where he goes and what he does. He will not fall again into the dark abyss of Samsara. A devotee who has attained the grace of the Lord never comes to grief.
“Whatever a man does by his physical organs, tongue, mind and other senses, by intellect or himself, by the instincts of Nature or Prakriti, he should resign everything as service to the Supreme Narayana. The secret of Bhagavata Dharma is thoroughly to renounce egoism, do everything as the servant of the Lord and trust oneself to His grace entirely. He should renounce the benefit or responsibility of all Karmas to the Lord only. Sincerity and faith in the Lord will enable you to realise His immanence.
“The consciousness of duality or sense of separation is the cause of all fear. The sense of duality makes the Jiva identify himself with the body and other unreal objects, strengthens the feeling of egoism or separation from the Lord, and makes one recede from the Lord and creates a forgetfulness or unconsciousness of one’s true Self. This is caused by the Maya of the Lord. The wise man there for eshould be come atrue devotee of the Lord and trust himself entirely to the Lord’s grace and recognise the Lord as his friend, preceptor and the Lord. He who is removed from Isvara forgets the Lord. Then there is the wrong notion, ‘I am the body’. This is caused by the Maya of the Lord. Fear arises from devotion to the second. Therefore a wise man should worship the Lord only with unfailing or undying devotion, knowing his Guru to be one with the Lord and Atman. He should have sincere devotion to his Guru and the Lord.



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