Lord Krishna -Sivananda 189

Lord Krishna (His Lilas and Teachings) -Swami Sivananda

Part 2


The Siddhis

Cessation of hunger and thirst, hearing from a distance [1], seeing from a distance [2], swiftness or motion of the body like that of wind [3]; assuming any form at will [4]; entering into another’s body (Parakaya pravesham); joining in the recreation of the gods [5]; death at one’s own will [6]; the attainment of desire for objects [7]; to command unopposed everywhere—these are the ten Siddhis that relate to the Gunas.
Knowledge of the past, present and future [8], control over the pairs of opposites such as heat and cold, reading other’s mind, counteracting the influence of fire, sun, water, poison and the like; invincibility or not being overcome by anybody [9]—these are five smaller Siddhis.
These are the powers that are obtained through Yogic concentration. Now know from Me what powers can be attained by a particular course of concentration and in what manner they can be attained.
He who concentrates on Me present in the subtle Bhutas, regarding Me to be of the subtle form, he who thus contemplates Me in the subtle form of that principle, he who fixes his mind on Me as pervading the Tanmatras, he who concentrates on Me as the five primordial atoms acquire the power of Anima or the power of becoming an atom. He who concentrates his mind on Me as pervading Mahat Tattva acquires Mahima or the power of becoming vast or big, or the power of increasing in size. He who concentrates on Me as possessed of the adjunct or Upadhi of ether and the other elements attains the power of Mahima, the respective vastness of those elements.



  1. Doorasravana
  2. Dooradarshana
  3. Manojava
  4. Kamarupam
  5. Devanam saha kreedanudarshanam
  6. Svachhanda mrityu
  7. Yathasankalpa Samsiddhi
  8. Trikalajnana
  9. Parajaya