Narad-Krishna Conversation

This conversation provides information about Krishna that he might have spent his lifetime as a leader and facing the struggles of a leader. Krishna was the middle son of Vasudev. His elder brother was Balram who was more into his devotion and worship. His younger brother was Gada but as he was a very handsome prince, he stayed away from hard work. Pradyumna, Krishna’s son, was also charming and was indulged in his own world. Krishna used to take half the money from his kingdom and gave the other half to the remaining Yadav descendants. There were moments of dissatisfaction in his life which he confessed to Narad and even asked what his advice was for the conflicts between his fellow Yadavas. Narad adviced him to be more patient and maintain unity.

Mahabharat Shanti Parva Chapter 82:
अरणीमग्निकामो वा मन्थाति हृदयं मम। वाचा दुरूक्तं देवर्षे तन्मे दहति नित्यदा ॥6॥
हे देवर्षि ! जैसे पुरूष अग्रिकी इच्छासे अरणी काष्ठ मथता है; वैसे ही उन जाति-लोगों के कहे हुए कठोर वचनसे मेरा हृदय सदा मथता तथा जलता हुआ रहता है ॥6॥
बलं संकर्षणे नित्यं सौकुमार्य पुनर्गदे। रूपेण मत्त: प्रद्युम्न: सोऽसहायोऽस्मि नारद ॥7॥
Balram has illusion of his strength, Gada of Charm and Pradumna of his hansomeness; with such great helpers I’m still helpless.

Birth and Life Story

Devaki was Kansa cousin sister and was wed to Vasudev,son of Shur. According to ancient scripts, when Kansa came to know about his death by the eighth child of Devaki, he was terrified. Devaki and Vasudev were locked in jail. It is also mentioned that Kansa's uncle and Ugrasen's devak, married his seven daughters to Vasudev and Devaki was one among them.

Devaki’s first six babies were killed by Kansa. He didn’t know about Balram, her seventh son. Krishna was born as Devaki’s eigth son in the prison, midnight of Krishnashtmi of Bhadon. At the time he was born, nature was calm and pure, stars were brighter than before. Scared Vasudev took the newborn Krishna to his friend Nand in Gokul across Yamuna. In return he brought Nand and Yashoda’s daughter, Sadyojaata. Next day Kansa was confused to see a girl instead of a boy. He, still scared of his death, killed the baby girl. Nand celebrated his son’s birth in Gokul. Nand went every year to Mathura to pay his taxes to Kansa. Vasudev congratulated Nand him on the birth of Baldev and Krishna. Paternal love forced Vasudev to beware Nand of the possible dangers to Rohini and kids.

Govardhan Pooja

According to Gokul’s ancient trends of herdsmen, Indra was worshipped when winter came at the end of year. They believed Indra caused rain which provided them with water. But Krishna and Balram opposed Indra’s worship and instead asked to worship Govardhan (land which provided them with food and water). Like this Krishna supported the imaginative preference of Indra and Balram helped farming by finding new techniques. This made Indra very angry and caused heavy rains. But Krishna saved poor people and animals from the heavy rain by lifting the hill and like this Govardhan Pooja was established instead of Indra Pooja.