Kotvan / कोटवन

Kotvan is situated near the Delhi–Mathura highway in between Kosi and Hodal. It is four miles north and a little east of Charan Pahadi. It used to be called Kotavan. Shital-kund and Surya-Kund are places to visit here. Krishna used to herd the cows and perform playful pastimes here.


This pastime place lies one-and-a-half miles south and somewhat east of Basoli. Kshirsagar is here as a kund. In a temple on the west bank of Kshirsagar is a deity of Bhagvan Ananta reclining on His bed with Lakshmi massaging His lotus feet .


One time, when the playful Krishna was sporting here with Radhika and the sakhis, the incident about Shri Anantasayi Vishnu somehow came up in their conversation. A strong desire to see the sayana-lila of Anantasayi Vishnu arose in Radhika's heart, so Krishna Himself arranged for Her to see this pastime. Immersed in the mood of Anantasayi, Shri Krishna laid down on a thousand-petalled lotus in the middle of Kshirsagar, and Radhika, in the mood of Lakshmi, massaged His lotus feet. All the assembled gopis were astonished. Shri Raghunath das Goswami alludes to this pastime in his Braj-Vilas-Stav. [1] "Even though Radhika has extremely soft limbs, when She brought Shri Krishna's very soft and charming lotus feet near Her chest, She could not bring Herself to place them on it as She feared that the touch of Her hard breasts might cause Him pain. May I obtain residence in the enchanting Braj of Sheshashayi Krishna." When Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu travelled throughout Braj, He came to take darshan of this place, and in doing so became filled with divine love. There is a pleasant kadamb forest here, and one can also take darshan of Praudhanath and a swing. Nearby is a sitting-place (baithak) of Shri Vallabhacharya.