Khadirvan / खदिरवन

The present name of this village is Khayro, and lies three miles south of Chhata and three miles south-east of Javat. Krishna would come to herd His cows here. Sangam-kund, where a meeting (sangam) between the gopis and Krishna took place, is situated here. Lokanath Goswami performed sadhan-bhajan on the bank of this pond in a solitary place. Occasionally, Bhugarbha Goswami would also come here and perform bhajan together with Lokanath Goswami. Nearby is a very charming kadamb grove. Krishna, Balram and the sakhas performed many kinds of childhood pastimes here. Every year when the dates ripened, Krishna and the sakhas would come here to herd the cows and eat ripe dates.


Once, Bakasur, a demon sent by Kansa, appeared here as a huge crane to swallow Krishna. He opened wide his massive beak, his lower beak touching the ground, and his upper beak touching the sky, and then ran at Krishna with great speed to swallow Him. When all the sakhas saw this fearful form, they became filled with fright and began to shout, "Khayo re, khayo re! – He will eat Krishna, he will eat Krishna!" But Krishna remained fearless. He put His foot on the demon's lower beak, and catching the upper beak with His hand, split it just as one might split a straw. The sakhas joyfully cried out, "Khayo re, khayo re! – Krishna ate him, Krishna ate him!" The name of this village became Khayore because of this pastime. This place is also called Khadedvan or Khadirvan, because in order to kill Bakasur, Krishna had to chase him. The Hindi word for "to chase" is khadedna. This forest is also called Khadirvan because of the khadira trees growing here, the astringent extract of which is used for making pan.