• In Hinduism, Kamsa or Kansa, often known as Kans in Hindi, is the cousin of Devaki, and ruler of the Vrishni kingdom with its capital at Mathura.
  • His father was King Ugrasen and mother was Queen Padmavati.
  • However, out of ambition and upon the advise of his personal confidante, King Banasur, Kansa decided to overthrow his father and install himself as the King of Mathura.
  • Therefore, upon the guidance of another advisor, Chanur; Kansa decided to marry the two daughters of Jarasandh, King of Magadha as he was the best friend of Banasur. Their names were Asti and Prapti.

  • He was an incarnation of the Asur Kalnemi. Kans had usurped the throne by imprisoning his father. He was married to Asti and Prapti, the daughters of Jarasandh. When Vasudev and Devki got married, a voice from the sky told him that the eighth son of Devki would kill him. The furious Kans was about to kill Devki, but spared her life, when Vasudev promised to deliver to him his eighth son. Kans had Vasudev and Devki imprisoned, and guards were kept to inform him about every birth taking place. Kans killed six children by beating their heads on the ground. The seventh, on the instruction of Vishnu, was transformed from the womb of Devki, to Rohini, another wife of Vasudev, by Maya. The seventh was therefore considered an abortion by the guards. The eighth child was born in the middle of the night. The guards were then asleep.
  • A heavenly voice told Vasudev to take the child to Gokul and exchange it with the daughter of Yashoda and Nand. When Vasudev returned with the baby of Yashoda, the guards then woke up, and seeing the baby informed Kans of the birth. Kans came immediately to kill the child, but when he tried to kill it, it slipped out of his hands, and told Kans he could not change destiny and that the child who was to kill him was already born. The child then disappeared. Kans then released Vasudev and Devki, but sent his demons all over the country to kill any baby that was born within the last ten days. Several demons, Putana, Shakat, Trinavart, Arishtak and Keshi tried to kill Krishna, but they themselves got killed in the process. Kans decided to get Krishna and Balram to Mathura and kill them there. So he arranged a grand celebration, and sent out an invitation with Akrur to get Krishna and Balram to Mathura. Akrur informed them of the Kans's intensions. When they arrived in Mathura, Krishna killed Kans.


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