Gyaneshwari 98

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



41. Therefore, O best of Bharatas, restraining these senses at first, cast off this evil desire, destructive of wisdom and knowledge.

42. The senses are superior, but higher than the senses is the mind. Higher than the mind is the intellect, but higher than the intellect is he (i.e. the Self).

43. Thus knowing him to be higher than the intellect and controlling yourself by the Self, crush this desire, your unassailable foe. Their first habitation is in the senses from which all activity proceeds. You should, therefore,bring your senses under control. Then your mind will cease to wander, and your intellect will escape from their clutches, and these evil ones will lose their support. Since the mirage cannot exist without the sun’s rays so if they are banished from the heart, they will certainly cease (266-270).

When desire and wrath are both extinguished you will attain the kingdom of God and enjoy supreme bliss. This union between the Self and God is the secret between teacher and disciple. When one remains steady in this state, one will never stray from it. Sanjaya said, “O King, listen, so said the prince of the perfect ones, the Lord of the goddess of wealth, the God of gods.” Now the Lord will relate an ancient tale, on hearing which Arjuna will ask a question. The worth and poetical flavour of that tale will delight the hearers (271-275).

Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivritti, says, “Elders, sharpen your wits and then enjoy this conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna (276).”