Gyaneshwari 71

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Sankhya and Yoga

71. The man who forsakes all desires and goes about free from craving, possessiveness and pride, attains to peace. He who delights in the knowledge of the Self and thrives on Supreme bliss, know him to be truly steady in wisdom. He gets rid of egoistic feeling and all desires and roams in this world, becoming one with it.

72. This, O Partha, is the brahmi state; after achieving it, no one is deluded. Abiding therein at the time of death, he remains absorbed in Brahman. This, O Arjuna, is the limitless state of Brahman, which selfless persons experience and attain to Brahman. When they realise the Self, the agony of death does not stand in their way. Sanjaya said, “In this way did Lord Krishna describe to Arjuna in his own words the brahmi state (366-370).”

Then Arjuna said to himself, ‘This reasoning suits me well. If the Lord negates all action, his advice that I should fight cancels itself’. Thus Arjuna became overjoyed to hear this speech of Lord Krishna. This occasion is sweet, being the abode of religion or the unlimited sea of ambrosial thoughts. Now I, Jnanadeva, disciple of Nivritti, shall recount what the omniscient Lord declared to Arjuna (371-375).