Gyaneshwari 680

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Three Kinds of Faith

So said Shri Krishna, the Lord of Lakshmi, the bravest among warriors, the lion who destroys the elephant in the form of sin, the sun who dispels the darkness in the form of three-fold misery. Like the moon who gets lost in the moonshine, Arjuna was drowned in the bliss of Self. O King, this war is verily a merchant with the sharp arrows as his weights, with which he measures the flesh of the lives fallen on the battlefield. In such a terrible crisis, how did Arjuna come to enjoy the kingdom of bliss? Such a good fortune has not become the lot of any other person. Sanjaya said, O king of Kurus, I am enthralled to see such merit in the enemy. He has become as if our preceptor and brought us happiness. For had he not asked any questions of the Lord, would the latter have disclosed the secret of his heart and how could we have got a glimpse of the absolute Truth? We were going through the rounds of births and deaths, in the darkness of ignorance, but Arjuna brought us to the temple of selfknowledge. He has lavished so much favour upon us, that I deem him as our preceptor like sage Vyasa (426-430).

Then Sanjaya said to himself, ‘Such extravagant praise of Arjuna may displease Dhritarashtra, and so it is better to stop it’. So dropping this subject, Sanjaya began to narrate what Arjuna next asked Lord Krishna. Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivritti says, “I shall tell you now what Sanjaya narrated, so please give me your attention (431-433).”