Gyaneshwari 604

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Supreme Person

Through this knowledge of Self, one attains union with the Supreme Self (581-585) and all activity comes to a stop, knowing that its life’s work is fulfilled. O great warrior, just as with the recovery of the missing article, the search comes to an end, so when the dome of knowledge is built on the temple of activity, all actions cease. So said Lord Krishna, friend of the forlorn. So this ambrosial discourse of Lord Krishna which filled the heart of Partha, became available to Sanjaya, through the grace of Sage Vyasa. Sanjaya offered it to Dhritarashtra, so that the king ceased to feel that life was a burden (586-590).

Even though a person may be considered unqualified to hear the teaching of the Gita, he attains spiritual progress in the end. If a person pours milk at the foot of a vine, it seems such a waste, but he reaps in the end an abundant crop of grapes. So when Sanjaya narrated the teaching of Lord Krishna to Dhritarashtra with great respect, the king became happy. I have recounted to you this tale in a clumsy way, according to my limited ability. One who lacks an aesthetic sense, does not appreciate the chrysanthemum flower, and yet a connoisseur like a black bee carries away its fragrance (591-595).

So you may kindly accept whatever appeals to you and return to me whatever is not good enough. Ignorance is a common trait of a child, but the parents, seeing it, fondle it with happiness, which overflows their heart. You are like my parents, and so I am lisping these fond words, in the form of the Gita to you. Jnanadeva says, may my omniform Master, Shri Nivrittinatha, be pleased with this homage of mine (596-599).