Gyaneshwari 516

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Three Qualities

In the same way, both the Vedas and we are reduced to the same level, when we are pitted against you. How can I describe you, before whom the notion of duality disappears and both, the most inarticulate (para) and the articulate speech (vaikhary) become mute. It is therefore proper that I should stop praising you and prostrate myself at your feet (11-15).

Therefore, I bow to you, O Master, in whatever form you may be. Please be my financier, to make this my business of composition fruitful and release the capital in the form of your grace. Then pour this capital into the bag of my intellect and bestow upon me the gift of versification of knowledge. Then I shall labour with love and adorn the ears of the saints with beautiful earrings, in the form of discriminating knowledge. O my Master, I wish to discover the hidden treasure in the form of the import of the Gita and so I beg you, to put in my eyes, collyrium in the form of your affection (so that I can see the treasure). Kindly shed on me, your pure light from the solar disc, in the form of your compassion (16-20).

O merciful Master, please act like the spring and make the beautiful creeper in the form of my intellect, fruitful with poetry. Kindly pour on me, your generous and kind glance, so that the Ganga in the form of my intellect will become overfull with the import of the Gita. O refuge of the universe, just as the moon makes the full moon night lovely, so let your grace be the source of inspiration to me. At the sight of this moon, the sea of my knowledge will swell into full tide and make the channels of my poetic genius, overflow with the nine sentiments. Hearing these words, the Master was thoroughly pleased and said, “By way of praising Me, you are unnecessarily promoting the sense of duality (21-25).

Leave this praise alone and take up seriously the subject of knowledge. Explain it well and do not allow the interest of the hearers to flag.” (On this Shri Jnanadeva said:) O Lord, I was only waiting for you to say ‘proceed with your discourse’. The Doob grass is naturally evergreen and now it has received the ambrosial shower.