Gyaneshwari 421

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The field and the knower of the field

3. What that Field is, and of what sort, how it has evolved, and what evolves from it, and who (the knower) is and what his powers are, hear that from Me, in brief. I shall tell you now, why this body has been given the name of Field (6-10).

Listen, I shall give you in detail its properties, how and where it originates, how it grows and with what modifications, whether it is limited to three and half cubits, how big it is and of what it is, whether barren or fertile and to whom it belongs. The Vedas have been talking about it all the time, while logic became loquacious in order to determine it. The six systems of philosophy came to their wits end, but their debates have not come to an end (11-15).

It is for this reason that these systems have ceased to interact with one another and discussions have started all over the world, to bring about unanimity among them. So far there is no agreement among them, nor do they hold any reconciliation among the differing views. Reason has been powerless to bring about a consensus in these arguments and counter-arguments. No one knows to whom this Field belongs, but the desire to know it, is so strong that its discussion has caused headaches in every household. As the Vedas girded themselves to fight the unbelievers, the latter indulged in senseless chatter.