Gyaneshwari 397

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Therefore, I shall never leave your cool shelter. O grace of my Master, one to whom you show mercy, becomes the founder of all lores. Therefore, O magnanimous mother, who are the wish-yielding tree to your devotees, give me leave to unfold this literary work (6-10).

Oh mother, pray help me to create oceans of the nine sentiments, mines of figures of speech and cliffs of imports of the Gita. Let me open up in the land of the mother-tongue, mines of gold and cultivate rows of creepers, in the form of thoughts. Let there be laid out always, dense orchards of topics of knowledge, laden with the fruits of discussions. Let the dens of atheists and the crooked ways of wranglers be destroyed and the beasts of prey in the form of evil thinkers, be driven away. Endow me, with the capacity to sing the praise of Lord Krishna and secure for the hearers the kingdom of bliss, by hearing it (11-15).

Let there be abundance of Divine Knowledge in the city of Marathi language and let the world have dealings, only in the bliss of knowledge. O mother, if you will take me under the wing of your love, I will launch this literary work. Hearing this entreaty of the disciple, the Guru gave him a gracious glance and said, ‘Now start your discourse on the Gita without any further talk’. Jnanadeva said, “Very well, this is indeed a great favour from you. I am highly pleased and shall continue the discourse. Please lend me your ears.”