Gyaneshwari 395

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Universal Form

55. He who works for Me, with Me as his Supreme goal, who is devoted to Me and detached and is without hatred towards any creature, he comes unto Me, O son of Pandu (Arjuna). Such a devotee performs all his works for Me and dedicates them to Me. He holds nothing in this world more dear to him than Myself and regards Me as the goal of his life. He sees Me in all beings, forgetful of their very names, and free from any ill-will towards them, worships Me in them. When such a devotee departs from his body, he merges into My being and becomes My very Self. Sanjaya said, ‘Thus spoke Lord Krishna, who has become big-bellied with the incorporation of the world in it. The Lord uttered these words filled with pathos (656-700)’.

Then Arjuna, full of ecstatic joy and skillful in the art of devotion, began to scan both the forms of the Lord. But he preferred his human form as more beneficial, than the universal form, but the Lord did not attach much importance to this view. He tried to demonstrate with one or two ingenious arguments that his human form, being confined to a body is not truer than his all-pervading form. Then Arjuna said to himself, ‘I must ask him which of these two forms is better (701-705)’.

Reflecting thus, Arjuna will proceed to question the Lord in a befitting manner. Jnanadeva says, I shall narrate that tale in simple ovi verses, in a pleasing manner; listen carefully and enjoy it. Full of piety and faith, I shall fill my joined palms with loose flowers, in the form of verses and offer them at the feet of the Divine form (706-708).