Gyaneshwari 326

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Universal Form

This eleventh chapter is the resting-place of the Lord, since Arjuna is a leader among the fortunate persons, he has arrived here. But how can one say that he alone has come here? For as the import of the Gita has now been made available in the Marathi language, this bliss has come within the reach of everyone. Therefore, I entreat you, to give attention to me (11-15).

I know that it is not proper that I should speak before this audience of holy men with such intimacy. But I would request you to treat me as your child. Don’t we teach the parrot to speak and nod our heads in approval when it does so? Or does not a mother get her child to do something and then admire it when it is done? You yourselves have taught me to speak, and so please hear what you have taught. You have planted this sweet tree in the form of literary work and so it is for you to ensure its growth by sprinkling it with water in the form of attention. Then this tree will bear blossoms of poetic sentiments and yield a rich crop of spiritual meanings and thus because of your religious merit the world will be blessed with abundant happiness (16-20).

On this the holy men became favorably disposed to Jnanadeva, and said, ‘We are delighted by your talk. Now tell us what Arjuna spoke’. Then Jnanadeva, disciple of Nivritti, said, “How can an ordinary mortal like me, express the deep meaning of Lord Krishna’s conversation with Arjuna? But I will do so, if you give me the power to clothe that meaning with words. Did not Rama take the help of monkeys who lived on forest leaves and kill Ravana, the king of Lanka?